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Why does a child is not gaining weight?

reasons that contribute to the child's weight shortfall

By conventional measures of the baby to six months must recruit every month about 800 grams in weight.From the age of six-month to one year of life the baby should gain about 300-400 grams per month.The exception is babies born with low birth weight, they gain greater weight.

When asked why not put the weight of the baby is gaining, there is an answer that is linked to several factors.Not gaining weight baby when he is sick anemia because this can be a low hemoglobin.If your child present any neurological disease, when he suffered a stress.The child does not gain the desired weight, if it in the body the worms.The causes of this problem can be diarrhea, frequent constipation and other various diseases of the digestive system.Also, do not put the weight of the baby is gaining, if you apply it to both breasts alternatively, that it does not get "back" milk, which is considered the most bold.

Other reasons why the baby is not gaining weight

Very often the reason for weight gain is a shortage of heredity.Often kids physique gets from relatives.In the case where the child was born is not large and thus it is not suffering any illness, but gaining a little weight, you should not worry too much.

Another reason - this is the wrong input feeding.Often the baby is not gaining weight when to introduce solid foods in large quantities.In the case when, during a feeding, you do not apply the her child to her breast, then poorly digested food.You should know that even a little breast milk promotes the absorption and digestion of food.

also the cause of the problem may be insufficient mother's milk, the baby fall asleep while feeding, if not breastfeeding.As a result, he simply did not sate, so - he eats less than the put norm.In this case, you should consult your pediatrician, who should recommend means to increase lactation and teach correctly applied to your child the breast.

In the case where the crumb is too agile, it spends a lot of energy, because this just does not have time to put on weight.If the baby is not gaining weight normally and thus is well developed, then do not worry.Also, if a baby is not gaining weight, you can make in diet and schedule changes.

During bait baby takes sometimes a long process of adaptation to new products, or they simply may not like it.The child is six months old when the mother's milk just is not enough, need and other products, and the rejection of them leads to the fact that he is not gaining weight.

not scary when your child's cause of shortage in weight are the reasons mentioned above.The reason for the excitement can be various kinds of diseases.In the case where the baby pale and moody, while not gaining weight, parents need not delay to see a doctor.

for nursing mothers need to get enough sleep and rest during the day, as the condition of the mother and the baby can be transferred.And also need to use more fluid and include in your diet more protein and fat.But in any case, if your child is not gaining weight, be sure to consult your child's doctor, it is better to identify the cause of this problem.Be healthy!

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