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The role of physical education in child development

necessity of physical education for the child

Physical education kid and just need to be developed.Studies have shown that health is recognized about 15% of children up to seven years.For the harmonious development of the child must be a natural-round education.In the "kindergarten" age the baby is thriving.At this time actively developing musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as improved respiratory system.In this period laid the foundation of physical development and health foundation.In many ways, the physical education of the child depends on the success in a particular activity.Physical education - is one of the main parties in the development of personality.

role played by the education of this child

role of physical education in childhood - is improving the health of the baby using the improvement of all systems of the body: the resistance and resistance to adverse environmental factors by hardening.It is factors such as solar radiation, low and high temperature of

the water or air, high humidity, and so on. D.

Physical education along with hygiene factors (proper nutrition, daily routine) plays an important role in strengthening the motor and mental development.The younger age is a strong restructuring of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.The mass of the heart is increased, as well as increasing its adaptive capabilities and performance of physical exercise.Physical education classes have a positive effect on the respiratory system of the child.Pulmonary ventilation and depth of breathing increases and intensifies oxygenation of the body.

can say that physical education is a great educational process that aims to achieve the maximum dimensions of the baby.The role of physical education is as follows.

performing and inventing various new compositions and physical exercise, the baby is learning to express their emotions thoughts and feelings.This helps to develop his creativity.During the execution of a variety of complex physical problems is a process of overcoming the difficulties, the child formed volitional qualities.Develop: self-confidence and self-confidence, pride and self-esteem, when executed successfully challenging exercises.The child learns in this period to overcome fear and timidity.When performing light physical combinations, the baby is reduced muscular and emotional stress, which is the prevention of anxiety.

But that's not all the children of the role of physical education.Performing exercise with precision, at a certain speed and consistency, develop a child's thinking, stability, concentration and reaction switching attention.Various exercises that use items (ribbons, balls, skipping ropes, etc.. Etc..) Help develop hand-eye coordination.Performing group exercise, develop the ability to navigate in space, and it is essential in any human activity.Besides all this, systematic exercise classes help build skills of a healthy lifestyle.Therefore, a child's development of physical education plays an important role.

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