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Bandy legs of the child

Because of what the child has bowed legs

crooked legs the baby can start to form even during fetal development in certain diseases of the mother, heredity and fetal hypoxia.The primary cause of the curvature of the legs from an early age the child is a disease, such as rickets.At untimely treatment of this disease are broken calcium and phosphorus metabolism processes what is causing the deformation of tissue: muscle, bone and full of the musculoskeletal system.Doctors are obliged to systematically monitor the development of a child suffering from this disease to avoid further such deviations as uneven legs of the child.

unbalanced diet in which not enough potassium, phosphorus and other necessary materials for the development of the child may also trigger the development of the curvature of the legs.When there are no data items in the body, the bones become fragile.Therefore, foods rich in phosphorus and potassium must include in the diet of a baby.

If your baby up to 3-4 years legs with minor va

riations, it is not a cause for concern parents, but quite normal.

What legs are considered curves

If your child legs are formed as the letter "O" and not closed due to deformation of the bones in the knees, the feet are considered curves, the same as if they are not closed in the areaankles and feet look shaped «X».But it happens that look outwardly curved legs when the soft tissues of the lower leg are not closed.This defect is usually corrected with special physical exercises.

When you need help doctors

need expert help when a child crooked legs in the following cases.Feet baby strongly turned inwards.The doctor should check out the various causes of this defect may have deformed bones of the foot, then surgery will help.Expert help is needed when a child older than three years, "wheel" outward curved legs when the legs are very different in appearance from one another.Also, if the feet are visible as "O" and «X» - shaped deformations.

In many cases, correct the curvature of the legs in a natural way, with a special complex treatment.In the case where bending in itself is not corrected or increases with time, the expert recommended corrective device.This helps in the correct position gradually pulling legs.In the case when a strong bending legs and with the aid of special tools can not be corrected, then the physician recommends operation.

addition to a special set of exercises to correct the curvature of the legs of the child (exercises depend on the cause and type of distortion), it is useful prodelyvat and other exercises.Useful for bones and muscles are the following exercises.Kids well prodelyvat massage, flexion and extension of the legs in the desired position.For older children useful practice jumps rope, squat, connecting knees together, as well as swim.Child aged 5-7 years is able to do the following effective exercise: cross-legged need to slowly sit down on the floor, without using their hands, and then climb.This exercise should be prodelyvat several times.

By doing special exercises regularly, if not strongly curved legs, you will achieve a positive result, but the doctor must monitor the process.The sooner parents start to treatment of his child, the better, because as a child to correct any defects easier, as the body grows.

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