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Treatment of burns in children folk remedies

danger everywhere.

most dangerous place for a curious child - a cooker, which constantly boil and cook soups, and cereals.He, of course, will want to look at it all and he can grab a hot plate or the handle of the pan and invert the boiling contents.Also dangerous is the subject of iron.

First aid in case of burns in children.

If this happens, the adult need to instantly react and take action, and do not panic, and a long time to come.

your first action - free clothes burned area from the baby's skin.After having an impact on the burn.The most effective and affordable folk remedy is considered a fresh urine, has a healing effect.It should wet the affected area.Another effective method is pouring cold water on the burnt places the child's body.After pouring scalding, to lubricate the affected area with oil and sprinkle the top with soda.

When you first aid, you need to assess the extent of the burn.If fired on the body were quite large bubbles, then it is necessary to take the child to the hospi

tal or burn center, where these bubbles vskroyut and will treat the wounds.

further action.

After first aid need some time to process the wound.Treating burns can also be, like first aid, to conduct the people's means.By the damaged area apply a paste of onion, wrapped in gauze, cold shabby carrots or squash, thinly sliced ​​potatoes cool.

If bubbles appear, it is necessary to close the burn, so as not to penetrate the air.In this case, the well will egg white.It needs to be whipped, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the resulting mass is put on the gauze and apply on the affected area of ​​the skin.You can simply grease the place burn beaten egg white, making packs of sunflower oil.

process of treatment of burns in young children is very problematic, because some people's ways are not appropriate.

Signs of infection.

If the burn blisters appear, within which is serous fluid - watery, yellowish-transparent color, the reasons for concern.But if, from the blister follows pus - a thick, viscous liquid, yellow-green, it means that the wound became infected and the continued treatment of burns should take place under medical supervision.Around the blister is formed red rim.If it becomes wider and significantly raised above the skin and, in addition, there are pus - is evidence that the burn became infected.Then you need to apply to the burn center for treatment of a wound.

avoid infection.

To avoid infection, the patient should be an area of ​​skin on the following day after the burn process or alcohol tinctures of calendula and arnica, calendula ointment and then lubricate.Another good use of an ointment such as "rescuer", "Traumeel S", "Dr. Nona".If blisters have formed, then they need to be carefully removed by cutting with scissors bursting of the skin.Next you need to disinfect the wound and apply ointment.

turns out that the very cream attracts microbes.Eventually, when the wound will heal and get slightly wet, infection, use mashed streptocid.Pretreated alcohol tincture wound lubricated with ointment and cover the burn streptotsidom.

additional funds.

Immediately after the burn is necessary to give the child "Travmogran" or "Traumeel".These drugs in the first days after the injury, the child should be taken 5-6 times a day, and during the healing process can take 1-2 times a day.Medications should be taken within a week after getting burned.

baby food should be light and easily digestible.His diet should be high in protein: vegetable and animal, it is especially important when extensive burns.

Types of burns.

are two types of burns - thermal and chemical.When you receive a chemical burn should be washed with clean water burned area of ​​skin and then treat as in thermal burns.

There are four degrees of burns: 1 degree determined by redness of the skin, 2 degree characterized by the formation of blisters, 3 degree - is skin necrosis, grade 4, the most difficult - is charring of tissue.Burns 1 and 2 degrees in children can be treated with traditional methods.

physical factors.

If a child received a burn from fire exposure, it should be 2-3 minutes to hold the burned area of ​​skin under running warm water with a temperature of 38-40 ° or use the pan with the same water.If the burn is derived from hot water or boiling water, the damaged area is necessary to hold the battery or near a heater.


to treat burns can apply lavender essential oil.We need to do a lotion: apply a bandage on a little oil and cover the wound.Lotion should be changed after 2-3 hours.Essential oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it is good to help the healing of burns.Besides lavender oil, have healing properties, and other essential oils - sage, fir, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary.But it should be borne in mind that in a pure form can not be used, it should be 5-10 ml oil add a drop of essential oil.


the treatment of burns, the child makes perfect herbal medicine.You can attach to the burnt skin with a thin film of bulbs and tie a gauze bandage.Well lubricated burns grass or St. John's wort, yarrow, pre-rubbed grass.Can lubricate wound means of vegetable oil and calendula in proportions of 10: 1.Calendula also has a healing effect.

also effective compression of aloe.It is necessary to squeeze the juice from the aloe leaf, to impregnate bandages and apply them to the burnt area of ​​skin.

good use in the treatment of burns oil compresses.They form a film which protects the wound from the penetration of germs and infections, but because of the bactericidal properties of plants is a rapid healing of the skin.

When choosing the treatment of burns of varying degrees in a child folk ways, you should consult your doctor.

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