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How to treat tooth decay in children


main problem and the cause of tooth decay is poor dental hygiene and mouth.Children caries can contribute to a very long use nipple.Kids who find it difficult to switch from bottle to drinking from a mug usual risk of occurrence of nursing caries.In this disease, damage is primarily to the front wall of the teeth, and then develops across the tooth.Tooth decay in children may be the result of eating too sweet, because children are the big sweet tooth.Try to replace the sweets, fruit, cookies, jam, cakes.A sweet baby, let alone after breakfast and dinner, but then be sure to brush your teeth Make.Children are very difficult to live without sweets, but sweets and drinking should be rather limited.And so that your baby is not tempted by the type of sweet, just try not to buy it, and not have themselves.Talk with family, with relatives, with friends who bring a lot of sweet baby, let it be replaced on fruits or toys.With poor oral hygiene, plaque on teeth appear, then all that is oxidized and c

an contribute to the development of caries in the mouth.Once your child's teeth began to appear, by all means buy him a paste and brush, which should correspond to his age.In order to avoid a lot of problems, clean the child's teeth twice a day.

signs of caries.

Caries of milk teeth is divided into several types:

beginner - this is when tooth enamel is covered with white spots of varying size and shape, with no pain.Be sure to treat them, because otherwise the stain will be very dark, black.

surface - when the defect is located in the tissues of the tooth enamel space.Hollow cavities in such a case can be light or dark.The pain appears only when receiving a sweet or salty food.To prevent the need to fill the cavity of the tooth.

Middle - affected tooth enamel and dentin of the (tissue inside the tooth).Pain can arise from the sweet, salty, hot and cold.It should be filling cavities.

Deep - if it affected tooth enamel and dentin.From pulp to depend all treatment.

Children are usually affected teeth happens very often in large numbers, especially when it's baby teeth.It also happens that one tooth appears several cavities.If left untreated tooth decay, it may be dental pulp.Therefore, parents are advised to be more vigilant in such cases.

If you have a child on the teeth of plaque, be sure to take away your child to the dentist, as you yourself will not be able to remove it.Please note, do not complain if your child pain in the teeth when receiving something hot or cold.If the present application, this means that infiltrated into deep cavities place your tooth.Without attention to this post is not - any case impossible.


For children ages 2 to 5 years are very characteristic of their whims and it is very difficult to take to the dentist and ask them to open their mouth.It so happens that no amount of persuasion of parents do not help.If your child does not allow to treat their teeth, then the use anesthesia.Anesthesia is one of the many options offered by modern dentistry.He does not bring people great harm, but only applies strictly on the testimony.Make sure that the child has made friends with the dentist and not - no way he was not afraid.After all, it is a constant problem that will have to face throughout their lives.Try to talk with your child, explain to him the essence of the problem of dental treatment, try to set it up on the fact that he has never been afraid of dental treatment in dental caries explain how to treat for it is necessary and obligatory.

prevention of dental caries in children.

Caries occurs in children at a very early age, so it is imperative to carry out preventive maintenance to help prevent tooth decay.Making prevention from the outset of the first appearance of the teeth, because to treat tooth decay in children is very difficult.You can prevent tooth decay by various means of hygiene.These include above all the toothpaste and toothbrush.

What is brush your teeth?

your child probably will seem unpleasant taste of toothpaste.To ensure that this was not, begin to teach your child to the toothpaste from the earliest years of life.Make sure that the toothpaste appropriate for the age of your child.Read the information on the packaging of toothpaste.At the age of three, children are not quite know how to use toothpaste, and often swallow it, and it is very harmful for the body.After all, toothpaste contains a lot of harmful components.For the first teeth in your child, use the fingertips.It's such a brush which is worn on a finger mother.Closer to accustom the baby two years of brushing teeth yourself, buy him a small children's toothbrush.Note that you need to keep a separate brush bristles up.But before the process of cleaning teeth, brush, rinse thoroughly with warm water.