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Girls physiological defense mechanisms are functionally and anatomically not developed, and the role of independent immune mechanisms is minimal, as they are just beginning to form.Most mothers believe that discharges from the genitals of girls should not be.This view is erroneous.In each age period, normally, there is a physiological and natural discharge from the vagina, which is a sluschёnye epithelial cells, exudate moisture, admixture of urine and a number of conventional microorganisms.Due to changes in hormonal levels, at certain periods in the life of the child, the possibility of increasing discharge from the vagina.This mainly occurs in the first three to four weeks, followed by seven to nine and thirteen.In addition, the normal can that be have plump girls and blondes who are prone to allergic processes.To a very early age to teach the girl intimate hygiene authorities and properly care for skin and mucous membranes, it is necessary to know these features.

Deposit health - is purity.

role of hygiene in the prevention of inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia is very high.The main cause of such diseases is just failure to elementary rules of personal hygiene.Keep in mind that genital area should always be clean, dry and well ventilated, moreover, do not need to avoid hypothermia or overheating.Moms differently represent a correct cleaning the child.Some wash the child as a whole, in any case, without touching the genitals, while others believe that the child needed from ear to toe washed daily using soap.

What are the basic rules?

  • The child must have his personal towel, washcloth and soap.
  • washing the child should be washed separately from underwear parents.
  • to wash the genitals of the child should not be in a basin or in the bathtub, but only running water.

Hygiene of the baby.

For very small water should be boiled.Wash the external genitalia should be every day before going to bed, and after each act of defecation, as if feces get on the mucous intimate of girls, you may develop an inflammatory process - vulvovagenit.For this reason, you must often pay attention to the condition of baby diapers.Podmyvanii held under running water from the lower abdomen to the anus, do not forget before this carefully wash your hands.

there are cases of irritation of mucous when mom baby haste undercut only slightly rinsed his hands after Burke bell pepper, among which one was caught burning.Definitely need to wash with clean water without adding sodium, potassium permanganate or other disinfectants.In general, do not allow them to fall on the mucous.


for genital hygiene should be used only special funds or baby soap.

If you have diaper rash or irritation, you can wash away the girl weak herbal solutions calendula, chamomile or sage, but be careful not to dry up the skin.Using economic, antibacterial soaps and personal care products for adults are not completely acceptable.

Girls up to seven years mucosa genitals quite vulnerable, so constantly used soap for hygiene is not recommended.Even the highest quality baby soap causes dryness or alkalization coverings, which can lead to the development of allergic vulva.It should be used only when necessary (after defecation), aged a little older - once a week for a total toilet.Moreover, it should be applied only on the labia majora, avoiding sexual slot.


After the procedure, the skin should be dried bathing the child, wipe the gluteal and inguinal folds clean fresh towel and if necessary, lubricate the baby cream.Today in shops and pharmacies very large selection of children's ointments and creams, however, remember a simple rule: the more cream than less in its composition of color and aromas.Do not forget about the expiration date.Not so long ago on prelostey skin and skin folds genital sprinkle talcum powder.Today believe that doing so is not necessary, for this purpose is better to use a special baby cream, peach or olive oil.


quite a lot of moms worried about whitish plaque formed in the grooves between large and small lips.Could this be a sign of thrush or inflammation?No alarm about this in vain.This smegma (secretion of the sebaceous glands of the external genitalia), is protective.Accumulations of smegma need to remove using a gauze swab, pre-moistened with boiled oil or petroleum jelly.Do not use soap.At older ages, the selection is saved as smegma.Teenage girl necessarily need to talk about the possibility of formation of plaque and cables, due to shyness to ask my mother, she suffered at a loss.


Another main rule should be changed everyday underwear.Underwear for children should only be selected from natural fibers - soft linen, cotton.Because of underwear made of synthetic materials, and increased risk of non-specific vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the external genitalia).Eye-catching secret is not absorbed by the synthetic underwear, making it difficult processes of thermoregulation and ventilation, which can lead to the development of dysbiosis.Washing having fleece on the inside surface, it is not recommended, as the particles are able to pile rub the skin or even get into the vagina, thereby causing inflammation.

accustom the baby to personal hygiene is necessary in the first days of her life that such daily routines become for her compulsory and natural condition.This allows you to avoid many problems not only in early childhood, but also to prevent mass disorders during the transition to adulthood.

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