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How to choose a home for the child's inhaler

Would recommend to your doctor to buy a nebulizer, you do want to buy your child a home inhaler before you question arises: how to make the right decision when buying an inhaler?It would seem that the twenty-first century in the yard, there is the problem of the lack of variety on store shelves, but that's what adds to the complexity in the selection.Of course, every parent wants for their child the best, high-quality product.To make the right choices, we turn to a deep analysis of the pros and cons available today on sale of inhalers.

for each child your inhaler.
To begin, I would like to remind you that your child - is unique, different from the others, so we recommend not immediately choose an inhaler that you advised a friend, your daze he may simply not be appropriate, or even cause harm.Nebulizer is to choose, focusing on the characteristics and needs of your child is.We recommend to treat with due attention to this issue.

What is an inhaler for your child?
Children inhaler consists of a mas

k for breathing, nasal tip and mouthpiece.In some types of inhalers may be a constituent element of a set of special nozzles.They are chosen depending on the age of the baby.There inhalers even for infants.If you buy this phone is for a newborn child, make sure that the mask and the nozzle are made of very soft plastic.Otherwise, it can bring some inconvenience to your crumbs.
In general there are four main types of inhalers: ultrasonic and steam, compressor and the mesh.Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.The choice depends on your personal preferences, opportunities, and above all on the goals you want to achieve using an inhaler.

ultrasonic type inhaler.
If you want to be treated with an inhaler colds and look compact device, you surely need an inhaler ultrasonic type.This inhaler does not require much space and thus remarkably fulfilling its intended purpose.However, it should be noted that under the influence of ultrasound destroys part of pharmaceuticals.This is a major disadvantage of ultrasonic nebulizers.

Compression inhaler.
Compression inhaler requires that if your child is suffering from bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis, bronchiectasis, or other similar respiratory diseases.For this type of the above-mentioned diseases would be the most effective.The compression unit - the surest way to deliver drugs into the body of the child.Currently the most popular type of inhaler in pediatrics.To operate this machine just enough to get acquainted with the instructions for use, there is no need for any special skills were.It is very convenient because you can deal with by inhalation home, without medical assistance.The principle of operation of the compression
inhaler is to use powerful air flow passing through the chamber with the drug solution.The only drawback of this type of nebulizers can be called noise produced during inhaler operation.However, in the shops you can find compression nebulizers, producing a minimum sound.Worth thinking about this type of inhaler as an ideal combination of functionality and reasonable price.

steam inhalers.
Let us talk about steam inhalers.Like compression nebuliser, it provides analog steam penetration of drugs to the deep lung.Also worth noting is the heating of a child of the upper respiratory tract and rapid expectoration from the respiratory system.However, there are many negative aspects of steam models, such as discomfort and drying of the throat, loss of properties of some nutrients due to heating, and some others.Therefore, we recommend to refuse this type of inhaler, particularly for young children.In this case, it would be better to take advantage of compression nebulizer.

Net inhaler.
most modern children's inhaler is considered net.Firstly, the nebulizer is completely silent, and secondly, pediatricians believe that the net inhaler - the most effective, as brings to light the depth of the child's drugs can not destroy them.However, this type of nebulizers is the most expensive of the currently existing on the market.

Nowadays, on the shelves of pharmacies are a variety of models.For example, the inhaler as a locomotive causes children delight and interest, that is, the child is not afraid of inhalation treatments, but rather the opposite, waiting for her to play with the locomotive.Nebulizers toys are usually characterized by high quality, reliability, ability to work in half an hour, compact and often come equipped with two masks - adult and child, that is, they can use the whole family.You can set an example for the use of the inhaler to your child, then he will not be afraid of this procedure.
Surely you experienced moments when you need to go on a vacation or a business trip, or some even forced to travel, and you are afraid to go on the road without an inhaler for a child.In these cases, you can use the children's portable inhaler.They are most often the ultrasonic type.Work on the battery, so you can use the inhaler in any situation, anywhere.They are also suitable not only for children but also for adults.
Now you can safely go to the store, because you know how to choose a home for the child's inhaler.Treat your children, love them, and most importantly - take care!Let them be like their moms and dads, and grow successful, good people, and most importantly - healthy!Good luck to you!