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How to put baby to sleep during the day?

Why do young children need to sleep during the day?

child usually learns with interest, therefore, he refuses to nap because he was sorry to waste your time on sleep.But it is necessary to succumb to the whims of a child and put him to bed, then in the evening he becomes whiny and petulant.In most cases, the child does not sleep during the day, falling asleep before dinner and waking up around 9 pm, rested and ready for new discoveries and games.Most likely, the child will calm down and put to bed before midnight, and wakes up early in the morning.Thus, the daily routine is disrupted.The more the situation persists, the more difficult it will be then put baby to sleep during the day.But the child just need a nap to relax, relieve emotional stress, gain strength.In short, the baby naps is a compulsory part of the correct mode of the day.

From the first days of the child witness

Each child your biorhythm and temperament.Therefore, to be attentive, we can see the behavior of the child before goin

g to sleep: tossing and turning, yawns, lying quietly.Seeing these "precursors" of sleep you will not only understand what the child wants, but can adapt to the needs of the child.

When the child should be put to bed?

better to divide the daily rest into 2 parts, the first time put to bed after breakfast, and the second time in the afternoon.The desire to sleep may be expressed differently.The kid can yawn, rubbing his eyes, and can start playing with the greatest activity.

Remember rituals

Every day, putting the baby to sleep, you need to observe a sequence of actions.For example, draw the curtains, put on a child's pajamas, lay in a crib, a pat on the tummy or back, to tell a story or sing a lullaby.

cozy little bed

Sometimes the child can not sleep because of the inconvenience: too heavy blanket, hard mattress, the pillow is too high for him.Therefore, the child should be comfortable bed and linens.Underwear should be made of natural fabrics.

more walk on the street

Everyone knows that sleep - a rest.Therefore, make sure that the child is tired and wanted to rest.Before lunch, the child should move more, walk in the fresh air.If a child in the street will spend their energy, then return home, he will want to lie down and likely to fall asleep quickly.Actively spending time possible and at home.But 30-60 minutes before bedtime is recommended quiet chat.

Peace and tranquility only

often grown up child, while in bed, asks something to show or bring.But when the next request is the tenth, it is hard to restrain and not to get angry.But you have to keep yourself in their hands.

I will not and do not want to!

If you can not convince the kid to go to sleep during the day, it is necessary to change the mode of the day.You can, for example, instead of twice a day to try to lay the baby sleep in the afternoon once.If a child moves a little, little time is spent on the street, he would not have time to get tired and will be provided by an afternoon nap.But if the child stubbornly wants to sleep during the day, despite all the tricks, you should consult your child neurologist for advice.

When can refuse an afternoon nap?

Around the age of four, children cease to sleep during the day.Some children refuse to sleep the day before.However, in most cases, a child's desire does not coincide with its capabilities.If the child does not have a sleep in the afternoon, and then crying and capricious, it is not yet prepared to abandon the day to sleep.

RememberIf a child who has one year or more sleeps more than three hours in a row, you need to wake him gently, to avoid problems with night falling asleep.

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