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The most comfortable bath for the baby

Today, bathing the baby in a small bath, many think the same anachronistic as wrapping crumbs in a diaper.Modern kids splashing in the big bath - it is spacious, it is possible to swim mom or dad on his hands ... Sheer fun and good!But in some cases it is necessary a little cozy bath.

Welcome to Water World!

During the nine months was a baby in the amniotic fluid.Therefore, swimming for it is not just a hygienic procedure, but a way to adapt to the outside world.In a pleasant vodichke he feels as safe in my mother's tummy.Sometimes parents are very nervous, dropping the baby into the water, which is not even a month.But it is very important that the hands are not shaking!Adult in this crucial moment should radiate calm.

From the first bath depends largely on whether it is love pipsqueak this important procedure!So to start is better to use a small, not large bath: so everyone will feel more confident.When the family gets used to the ritual, you can indulge in "deep waters".We decided to swim in t

he adult bath?Be sure to invite grudnichkovomu swimming instructor, who will show you how to properly hold a toddler.Almost all babies bliss in some water.But there are those who are naughty.And here the important role played by the water temperature.Modern pediatricians recommend starting with 37 ° C (not higher!) - In a very comfortable vodichke crumbs.You can then gradually lowering the temperature (about half a degree per week until 29-30S).This is an excellent tempering!Cool water will encourage the child to actively move that will help him strengthen the muscles that lift the tone of the nervous system.

Ideally, swimming in the large, but the most comfortable bath for the child should take at least 20-30 minutes to bring little one is not only fun, but also health benefits.Mom often inconvenient to keep crumbs long half-bent position.Yes, and back aches after childbirth.There is help out a little tray, especially the anatomical.In such a pipsqueak tub will not slip under the water: thanks to the support under the back of his head is always above water, so the easier it is to maintain an adult.Another argument in favor of the most comfortable bath for the child's small size: at times it is necessary to buy the baby in the grass, because in a large bath of broth takes a lot.Chamomile has an antibacterial effect, promotes healing of diaper rash.A series because tannins struggling with sudamen and diathesis.Sometimes neurologists advised to bathe a baby in a soothing charges that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system remains.But always consult a pediatrician before you delete the baby in the bath with herbs!It is not known how to react to this or that part of tender skin.

Naturally, in field conditions, for example, in the country or in the recreation small tub irreplaceable.Let the baby from the cradle accustomed to be clean at all times!Going for a vacation in a hotel room with a bathroom?Still no baby bath is necessary.You will not bathe the baby in a public bath!Speaking of germs.Pediatricians say: the baby can and should be familiar with bacteria from the outside world - because it strengthens the immune system, getting used to deal with potential pathogens diseases.However, this applies only to "native", home of bacteria.Before bathing crumbs in a large family bath is enough to wipe her soda.But from the "others" should keep germs toddler.His immune system is strong enough to resist the unfamiliar infections.By the way, some baby bath has a special anti-bacterial coating.

Accessories for bathing

To become a bathing fun for the whole family, and not in an annoying necessity to remember a few simple rules.

grudnichok does not need to wash with soap and water or other means more often than once a week.Remains of milk around the lips and infant pot is best to wash off with plain water - this will prevent over-drying the skin.Wash the baby with soap and water every day will be when he starts to crawl.

Want to pamper toddler in a fragrant Penke?Choose the best quality tools.Cosmetics must contain only natural ingredients, and have the following inscription on the packaging: "dermatologically tested", "hypoallergenic".After swimming for preventing irritation, do not forget to lubricate body child crumbs butter.

Toys in the bathroom are relevant for the baby about three months, when he learns to confidently hold a rattle.Until then, the focus kid when immersed in water bodies focused on tactile sensations.Do you feel that your child it's time to play?"People" and keel bath ducks that swim, food.Tell us how and what is called, what actions performed toys.Excellent opportunity to develop speech and coordination crumbs!However, the toys should not be much to your attention the swimmer does not dissipate.Still, the main thing in swimming - water and gentle hands of mum and dad.