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Effective prevention of colds

Many parents find red stuffy nose unfortunate but inevitable companion of the autumn-winter period.It seems to be sick, there is nothing to worry about.In fact, at first glance harmless rhinitis face big trouble.The harder the kid breathe, the less oxygen to the brain, the stronger slows down development.

In addition, a cold is the most common cause of inflammation of the ear and throat.Since mouth breathing, the baby swallows cold air contaminated by micro-organisms, which inevitably leads to the inflammatory process.Communication with diseases of the ear even closer.Infection of the nasal cavity in children can very quickly go over his ears, causing ear infections.Thus, the majority of colds begins through the nose.So, the need of special effective prevention of colds.

According to the laws of nature

Unfortunately, a vaccine against colds do not exist.The virus that causes them too much.The flu shot does not guarantee that the child will not get sick.With regard immunostimulants, then such an a

bundance of these drugs, as in Russia, there is nowhere else.Their action is poorly understood.There are cases when after an appropriate course the immune system fails to work independently.Apply immunostimulants in extreme cases, in combination with other drugs and only after consulting your doctor.But the very nature has provided excellent protection of the body the baby - the special structure of the nose.


If you are going with a child on the street, make sure that he was dressed for the weather.Do not let it cold or sweating.This "shake-temperature" can lead to colds

To the barrier!

Spout kid works like a well-oiled natural air conditioning.It moistens the incoming air, warms it, and clears away pathogenic bacteria.To this system did not allow failure, it is necessary to provide favorable conditions.


Clear nasal mucosa from germs and moisture content to help support her special salted solutions (saline drops or sea salt).Rinse the tip of the crumbs in the morning and evening or instill 2-3 drops three times a day.

2. Moisturize

to mucous dryness which need to maintain a certain humidity (60-70%).In autumn and winter, this figure is reduced, so it is important to moisturize the air children's room later.You can do this by using wet towels - just put it on the radiator and lower in the lower part of the basin of water.Or you can use a special device - an ultrasonic humidifier.Experts advise to pour it only filtered or distilled water.The untreated water contains a lot of salt, which is getting into the respiratory tract, nasal mucosa injure the child.

3. Special assistance

Do not wait, when the number of cases exceeds any conceivable epidemiological indicators.Better to bring the baby to the reception to the ENT doctor (preferably in September - early October), especially if the crumb easily catches cold.The specialist will be able to adequately assess the health of the child, to give appropriate advice and, if necessary, appoint a special preparations for maintaining the immune system.

4. Protection

best stimulator of natural protective properties are common edible vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, peanut, corn, apricot or peach.If the baby is too dry nose, drip a few drops of the night.

5. Train

resistance hypothermia is known to be trained hardening.Try to wash the baby soles of the feet with cool water (25-26 degrees).Feet reflex zones are directly related to the nose and throat, so that you will achieve the desired effect quickly enough.The procedure is best done in the morning after the morning exercises.And do not forget that it can only begin when the child is perfectly healthy.

6. Support Group

provides an indispensable prevention of colds is full and varied diet baby.By firming agents include vitamin C (citrus fruits, cabbage, rose hips), vitamin A (carrots, sweet peppers, any greens), zinc (all green vegetables, eggs, dairy products), magnesium and selenium (all cereals).There are pharmacies adaptogens - substances that increase immunity.These can be plants (ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Chinese magnolia) and preparations of animal origin (mummy, propolis).Excessive autonomy in choosing these drugs, even consisting of natural ingredients, it is extremely undesirable.Experts warn that such tools are many contraindications, they can trigger an allergic reaction, so the timing and dosage of their reception may appoint a doctor.

led by the nose

We used to think the culprit runny nose hovering in the air infection.In fact, in this role often perform other factors:

- the dry air of urban areas;

- drafts;

- air conditioning;

- too cold food and drink;

-pereohlazhdenie the body, especially the soles of the feet.

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