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How to wean a child to chew nails

scientific explanation of the problem

In the scientific world nail biting is called "Onychophagia."According to statistics, the problem occurs in children over 3 years.In this half of the children this habit persists in adolescence, and even when they grow up.Serious harm to human health, it does not, but there is a risk of inflammation periungual skin surfaces and a number of infectious diseases.

according to the majority of doctors, Onychophagia in children manifests itself as a result of trauma, which may lead to any stressful situation, such as constant quarrels in the family, parental divorce or conflicts with peers.As a result, once a person has a sense of excitement or experience, he starts biting his nails.At the same time your child has low self-esteem, emotional restraint, and so he resorted impartial action to get rid of their fears.

According to the teachings of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, as a result of early weaning the child from the mother's breast, or forcibly taken away from

his pacifier can lead to a feeling of insecurity.It embraces mother and applications to cause the baby breast Association of peace and joy.Thus, "the mouth", he tries to remove the psychological tension, biting his nails, sucking fingers, all in a row seizing his "mountain."At older ages, to combat anxiety people may choose to alcohol or other ways.

Abatement Onychophagia

Before you get rid of this addiction, you should know the reasons for its occurrence.You need to catch the moment when a child begins to put his hands in his mouth.That moment can be terrible movie viewing, attendance at school or forthcoming performance in kindergarten at the matinee.Such situations should be fully and to consider each case individually.

First of all you need to start working on getting rid of the child's feelings of fear and loneliness.To do this, it reduces the time of its location in front of the TV, to entertain his games, read a book with your child.This will help reduce the probability of toddler aggression and violent emotions.It is important to teach a child to switch its focus and relax.This will help ordinary physical exercise and breathing exercises to help relieve the tension.In no case can not blame the child, and to rebuke the child can even deeper into yourself become isolated.If the situation is very complicated, it is better to turn to a child psychologist.

very effective method of combating Onychophagia is a national method, when the nails and fingertips smeared with mustard or red hot pepper.Not a very pleasant way, and need to know when to stop, because these ingredients can cause irritation of the mouth.But it is possible to resort to specially designed pharmacists varnish, designed to deal with the problem nibble nails, both children and adults.This varnish is applied to the nail and has a very sharp taste, while it also nourishes nails vitamins, strengthening them.Also, when the child begins to bite his nails, you can give it in the hands of the toy, in such a way diverting it from habit.

baby Parents should show by example how to take care of nails and hands.You can play with your child to the game, "manicure": parents show and tell your child how to trim your nails to make them beautiful.Such a method is effective as to girls and boys.Promotions, sweet words and hugs help cause a child a sense of security and peace, and as a result, will not be cause for restlessness and anxiety, which leads to bad habits.

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