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Why the child grows poorly

Why do we grow?

child's growth depends on three important factors: development of the necessary hormones, nutrition and full development of the skeletal system.Yet the first word - for hormones.The human body controls the growth of the system of endocrine glands.It is the thyroid gland located in the neck, pituitary (part of the brain), and gonads (boys - the testes, in girls - in the ovaries).Pituitary gland - one of the most important glands that stimulate bone growth.If he is too intense, hands and feet grow longer than usual, hands and feet - more than the norm.If this gland is functioning poorly, the person may remain a midget (pronounced stunting - boys - up to 140 cm in girls - up to 130 cm - called dwarfism).Once a person reaches sexual maturity (about 16-18 years of age), we have almost stopped growing.

Papin or my mother?

growth of each of us is predetermined genetic program.Usually boys take the bar growth father (or relatives in the male line - uncles, grandparents), and girls repeat

scenario feminine (mother, grandmother, aunt).But there are mixed and options.

happens that dominates the heredity from both mom and dad's side, regardless of gender heir.Whose will - just not yet known.But the formula for growth still exists.In order to determine the child's growth, it is necessary to lay down the growth of mothers and fathers, the amount received divided in half.Then, when it comes to his son, to add 6.5, and if the daughter - take 6.5.This is only approximate figures, which vary in the range of plus or minus 10.

I did not know that I grow

In no other age people not gaining increasing as fast as in the first year (annualgain - up to 25 centimeters).But when the child is not gaining height, many moms are wondering why the child is not growing.Next on falling: for the second year - up to 8-12 cm, the third - up to 10 cm. With three to eight years, average growth - 4 cm per year.But this is a rough guide for parents.More precisely, the physical development of the child should be evaluated by doctors.In the first year of baby's life - every month, and then - at least once a year.After four years in Chad there is a very interesting phenomenon: the so-called "growth spurts" - temporary acceleration of growth of the child (up to 8-12 cm per year).The reason - the physiological changes the body: 4-5 years pituitary gland begins to produce increased levels of growth hormone, in 12-14 years - surpasses production of sexual hormones.Be careful: these girls jump start early in the boys' 1-2 years, 12-14 years, but with the future men catch up and overtake the weaker sex.

Zone growth

Doctors discovered an amazing phenomenon in the human bones there are the so-called growth areas - the cartilage of the bones, which can be seen on X-rays.Scientists say that the growth areas are open to a maximum of 20-23 years, and replaced as the child grows dense bone, the bones stop growing.As shown by research, "program" the growth of many adults at the close of the respective zones (for 20-23 years) is not fulfilled.What prevents be higher?Lack of sleep, infectious diseases, trauma, vitamin deficiencies, inflammation - all these can disrupt the proper development of the child's skeleton.One of the biggest enemies of development - nicotine.If the child - the passive smoker, and get a dose of nicotine from the parents, it can significantly slow down growth.And then it will be the reason why the child is not growing.Worse, if a son or daughter take over the habit.Nicotine inhibits the function of the pituitary gland, causes vasospasm, inhibits the metabolic processes in the body, because it worsens the power of the skeletal system.

Becoming above

Disputes genes - a thankless task.However, add a couple of centimeters to the inherent nature of the program is quite real.

child to carry out its program of growth, include in the diet of your baby as much as possible vegetables and fruit that have not undergone heat treatment - they are better preserved biological substances.Products of animal origin (meat) contain the essential amino acids necessary for the development of bones and joints.A black bread and cereals are many minerals that are needed cartilage.But the leader in stimulating the growth of long - carrots.It is rich in carotene, which the human body turns into vitamin A - the main engine of growth.He is in spinach, lettuce, sorrel, greenery, rose hips.Vitamin A in its purest form - is butter, whole milk, egg yolk, liver (especially cod).For bone growth is responsible and vitamin D, which especially is rapidly absorbed by the sun (its deficiency can cause rickets).

Daily physical activity (jogging, swimming, cycling, football, volleyball, tennis) contribute to the revitalization of growth zones.

royal carriage

Worried slouch offspring?It is time to take action.Up to a height of 7-10 cm are often steals scoliosis (curvature of the spine).And the most common reason for this phenomenon - bad posture.If the baby's back is not marked equal contour, contact vertebrology or orthopedist.The doctor may prescribe physical therapy to recommend a special corset for posture correction.There is a massage through which the doctor can straighten the spine of the child, improve muscle tone, supporting it.

deficiency of growth hormone - growth hormone - is extremely rare: one case in 5-10 million children and is most often hereditary.Perpetrators - defects in genes involved in the synthesis and secretion of this hormone.The lack of growth hormone may be associated with trauma, prolonged stress.If the doctor-endocrinologist has identified a lack of growth hormone, hormone replacement therapy is needed.Now there endocrinological centers where used as an injection Genotropin and other drugs - Synthetic human growth hormones.

fact that children grow up in a dream - a scientifically based fact.Growth Hormone most actively released into the blood during the night when the baby is fast asleep.Developing it varies throughout the day, peaking at night, especially in 1-1,5 hours after falling asleep.It is very important that the child complied with sleep and did not violate the biorhythms of hormonal secretion.So send the heir to the side, it is important not later than 22:00.In the morning the kid can tell you, and today I fly in my dreams.The summer - so grow up, they said in ancient times.Believe that one day your child will certainly be a great man!

A nose keeps growing

There is evidence that people continue to grow even after 25 years, and reaches its maximum growth at about the age of 35-40 years.Thereafter, every ten years it has become lower by about 12 mm.The reason - the dehydration of cartilage in the joints and spine as they age.Nose and ear lobes - the only part of the human body, which continue to grow throughout his life.After 30 years of his nose grows about 5 mm, and if the person dies before the age of 97, he extended by a centimeter.

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