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Effective treatment of cough in children

Effective treatment of cough in children primarily involves determining the causes of its occurrence.Most often a symptom cough acute respiratory viral infections (ARI).This infection can affect both the upper respiratory tract (nose, nasopharynx, oropharynx) and lower (lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx).Also cough can cause inflammation of the upper respiratory organs, such as the nose, pharynx, sinuses, or an increase in the pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids).

Cough is a very important clinical sign of asthma in which the cough can act as the equivalent of asthma attacks.Sudden cough could signal the baby inhaled foreign body in the trachea and bronchi, which could pose a threat to his life.In this case, you should immediately seek medical help.

diseases of the respiratory tract can not always serve the cause of the cough.For example, it can be observed in children with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or heart diseases.Cough can also cause harmful substances, which in certain cases may be present i

n the air in large quantities (smoke, fumes) or too superheated dry air in the room.

Less cough reflex can wear or psychogenic in nature, ie occur in inflammation of the middle ear or the formation of cerumen in the ear canal.

choice of treatment should be conditional on the nature of the cough and the overall clinical picture.Cold preparations should appoint a pediatrician.Because when you cough body tries to clear the airway, the fight against this disease may lead to further consolidation of infection in the body, which in turn can cause complications.The effectiveness of treatment is to help the body cleanse baby and relieve the stress that he experiences.

Cold preparations are divided into three categories: mucolytic (used to liquefy the sputum), expectorants (cough increase), and antitussives (cough removed by acting on the cough center in the nervous system).

child's cough treatment should take place in a comfortable environment for him.You can choose any method of treatment: using pharmacological drugs, herbs, folk remedies, and aromatherapy.This treatment can be supplemented with such concomitant procedures such as inhalation, massage the chest, mustard and banks.

pharmacological drugs used to treat the following diseases in children:

- mucolytic agents (Ambroxol, ACC, Bromhexine, Karbotsistein, Mesna) - bronchitis and pneumonia;

- expectorant drugs (licorice root, marshmallow root, Mukaltin, leaves mother and stepmother, potassium iodide Bronholitin, sodium bicarbonate, Plantain leaves, Pertussin, Solutan, Thyme, Tussin) - bronchitis and colds;

- a combination of drugs (Dr. IOM Codelac phyto) - ARI, acute respiratory infections, colds.

If the cough is exhausting and painful character, and the above-mentioned drugs were powerless, then use cold preparations: Ethylmorphine, Codeine, glaucine, Dimemorfan (narcotic drugs), butamirata (narcotic drugs), Prenoksindiazin, oxeladin.

IMPORTANT barred from treatment with antitussive and expectorant drugs at the same time, it can cause sputum filling the bronchus.

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