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Overweight metabolic disorders

Adipose tissue is at all.It helps us to save heat, protects internal organs from injury and stabilize their position, nourishes the nervous system.But when it becomes too much, the doctors say about obesity.In 98% of cases of obesity is associated with an imbalance between the absorption of energy and its loss.Absorption occurs by means of food, and loss - by movements.

If a child eats a lot and moves a little, he has every chance to swim fat.In some cases, obesity in children may be related to endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.).

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In the second year of life, body weight is determined by the formulas proposed by the Soviet pediatricians IM Vorontsov and A. Mazurin.The body weight of the child is 5 years = 19 kg.For each missing year to 5 years subtracted 2 kg, and each subsequent add 3 kg.For example, in the third year of life baby baby weight is calculated as follows: 19 kg need to take 2 kg for the fourth year and minus two kilograms - it turns 15 kg.

Previously children were full, in principle, a rarity over the past 30 years with the naked eye it was clear that there is a worldwide trend towards increasing numbers of such children.What is the reason?

We - what we eat.And what our children eat?

Our food is becoming more and more fatty, sugary and refined.The reason - the need to feed the well-fed, satiated delicious people.Nobody wants to, there is a rustic tart curd, if there is an industrial counterpart in a convenient box, sweet, and even long-term storage.But the more complex industrial product, the more it contains no fat and carbohydrates.For comparison: in the diet (seemingly) crackers - 10% fat (in the usual bread - 1-2% fat) in the glazed cheese - 25-30% of fat (in a rustic cottage cheese - 10%) in the fat content of potato chips is 30%.It has also become economically profitable to grow poultry and meat animal feed, containing a huge amount of hormones.The cattle growing and gaining weight rapidly, and thus the money it spent less.Getting to the growing body, anabolic steroids cause rapid growth of body weight due to the accumulation of increased amounts of fat and water.Only manufacturers forget that the same picture is with the children eat it gormononasyschennym meat, then why our children are overweight for metabolic disorders.

All children love sweet and beautifully packaged products - that this contingent and expect manufacturers.But advertising is not just advise, eat these foods - it creates a culture of consumption.No children happy without bars, potato chips, crackers ?!


overfeeding the baby, the parents have a disservice: the child increases the number of fat cells, increasing body weight.Did you know that obesity can "earn" still in its infancy? In the early weight gain can affect the fat content of breast milk and the child's appetite (frequency of breastfeeding). But that formula feeding may lead to overfeeding with increasing concentration of dry milk mixture.

Less sleep - more eat

Obesity may be associated with a deficit of sleep. It is estimated that children who have nocturnal sleep duration was less than 10 hours, 3.5 times more likely to have overweight compared to childrenwho slept 12 or more hours. It turns out that lack of sleep leads to lower levels of the hormone that stimulates metabolism and decreases hunger, but it increases the concentration of the hormone that increases hunger.

kids to play. But mobile games in the yard is now pushed the computer and PSP. This leads not only to reduce energy consumption, but also to an increase in food intake.If we draw an analogy with the animal world, animal, or move in search of food or eating it in this case resides in the relative engine alone.And the kids, getting to the uncontrolled use of the computer and set-top boxes, are confined to one place - the motor activity tends to zero, during which overweight metabolic disorders could not be avoided.

allergy weight loss

paradox, but it's true: kids can gain weight, resisting attempts by parents to save them from this fullness.

situation is exacerbated by the fact that your depression full of children "seize" sweets. It is a vicious circle.

What causes obesity?

- constipation;

- the weakness of the musculoskeletal system (flat feet, weak abdominal muscles,violation of posture). In these children is reduced immunity, and get sick more often because their peers with normal weight.

If you do not treat obesity in childhood have podrostkaproiskhodyat endocrine disorders. Appears hyperinsulinism. The matter is that fat cells feed on glucose, which delivers enzymepancreas - insulin. Accordingly, the greater fullness child, the greater the insulin produced. Insulin, in turn, stimulates appetite and hungry, more and more, resulting in a weight increase. As a result of (usually - in adolescence) may startinsulin-dependent diabetes.

What shall we do?

Treatment is carried out together with the pediatrician, endocrinologist and nutritionist.Check carbohydrate metabolism (fasting blood pass on sugar, and after a meal check insulin secretion), check the function of the kidneys, liver, hormonal spectrum of studying, thyroid function, insulin response, sent to the ECG, X-ray X-rays of the hands and the skull (to determine whether the bonebiological age), etc.

If obesity is not caused by any disease, and stems from a wrong way of life, the child is assigned to a diet for weight loss.The goal of treatment of preschool children should become a "service" of weight, or maintaining, rather than a loss. This strategy allows the child to add centimeters, not weight. Children from 7 years already need to lose weight. This weight loss should be slow and steady - fromhalf a kilogram to 500 grams per month. Methods maintain weight or lose weight exactly the same as in adults. A child should eat a healthy diet and increase their physical activity. The most simple in the winter - it is sled, ice skating, skiing, swimming in the pool, summer- small hiking, cycling, the same roller - only to have indoor.

critical component of weight loss, especially for children - is any physical activity. It not only burns calories, but also forms the muscles, strengthens bones, helps kidssleep well at night. How to increase the level of vigorous activity your child?

Limit time in front of TV and computer to 2 hours per day.

Pick exercises that are popular with your baby.He loves nature?Most go for a walk.If you want the baby to move more, be active yourself.Go up the stairs on foot, instead of the elevator.Think of such active activities that the whole family can do together.

Turn economic concerns in family entertainment.Who will pull weeds in the garden longer?Who will collect more garbage on the site?

Preventing obesity

the first and second month of life, when a six-feeding baby food daily average volume of 800 grams (ml) per day, ie 120-150 g (ml) at a time.From the second month of life, and up to one year the average daily amount of food the child is 900-1000 g (ml).From year to year and a half - 1200

Often breast breast milk can be too fat or too much of it, but the baby good appetite.And then he fullness in front of.In such cases it is necessary to enter the feeding of the regime and not on demand, following a three-hour interval between meals.

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