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Available methods for the treatment of anemia

Location deficit?

most common so-called deficiency anemia, when the body lacks certain substrate using for the synthesis of red blood cells and hemoglobin.This is often due to lack of the substances in the body such as iron, or a complex of vitamins B1, B6 and folic acid.Why is there a lack of these substances?One of the reasons - poor nutrition, as accumulated in the body iron and vitamins are consumed, and replenish their stock can only be beneficial by eating rich foods necessary substances.However, there are situations where the baby and fed properly.And it is taken into account in his diet, but still analysis reveals a low level of iron, red blood cells and hemoglobin.In this case, the cause may be a violation of absorption and assimilation necessary for normal hematopoiesis micronutrients.Deficiency anemia, unfortunately, a frequent companion of young children.Lack of iron and vitamin deficiency are worst, exposed infants, which are poorly gaining weight.A violation of iron absorption in the ga

strointestinal tract have been weakened, often ill babies and preterm crumbs.

insidious and hard

Normally, the red "little car" - a red blood cell lives for about 120 days.And all this time working for the benefit of the human body.Sometimes, however, under the influence of certain factors erythrocytes die before being massively.This type of anemia called hemolytic.In the body of the baby is sharply reduced levels of red blood cells, that is, anemia, acute onset."Fragments" of red blood cells rush to the various organs, causing severe intoxication.In hemolytic anemias, usually severe course requiring hospital treatment in Hematology.One variety of severe anemia - is hemolytic disease of the newborn.At various Rh factor, and sometimes the blood groups of the mother and the fetus is formed by the so-called conflict of blood.The antibodies attack the body's maternal fetal red blood cells, and then a newborn, perceiving them as foreign objects.

best medicine

important part of the prevention of anemia - a balanced diet.For newborns and babies infants the best medicine - it is breast milk.The uniqueness of human milk is not only perfectly matched ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fats, iron, zinc and vitamins, but also in a form in which these substances.All the necessary ingredients are biologically active kid.They are easy, fast and almost completely absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract of the child.The body adapts to the mother's body crumbs, producing precisely the substances that he needs at this age.However, the period is not long enough to ensure iron - he ends by about 5-6-th month of life of the baby.This happens because the child's needs for iron at this age and dramatically increase the mother's milk can not fully satisfy them.The kid needs further its source, ie in the feeding.Body iron stores crumbs formed before birth.Of great importance is the diet of the expectant mother and the level of hemoglobin.Watch your diet during pregnancy and lactation!

Warn anemia

Nutrition and maintaining wellness and health - basic measures for prevention of anemia.A balanced diet is intended to ensure the baby needs for its growth and age of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.The easiest and best way to this - the establishment of breastfeeding.By all means to maintain lactation, fight for every drop of milk!Baby has grown up, and you're planning to introduce solid foods?Do not hurry to offer him a whole cow's milk.Pediatricians recommend giving children milk products, including yogurt, not earlier than 9 months.Did you know that tea, including herbal hinders the absorption of iron?Up to a year as a drink Offer the baby a special children's water.Protect the health of crumbs.Frequent colds, antibiotics, and the more severe prolonged illness provoke anemia.Unfortunately, not all mothers manage to establish breastfeeding.But this does not mean that the health of the child is required to suffer.To solve the problems exist adapted mixtures which contain the necessary range of vitamins and minerals, including iron.Choosing the mixture, always pay attention to the age group for which it is intended.To consider that cow's milk is not suitable for feeding crumbs early age.