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Methods of pest control

solid trouble

In the middle zone is rare to find a mosquito - carriers of dangerous diseases.But in infants toddlers mosquito bites, especially multiple, can cause allergic reactions, up to anaphylactic shock.Malware insect coagulate injected under the skin - a substance that prevents blood clotting, - and it is an overreaction.If the bite instead of itchy red dots turns into a blister, there is reason to be alarmed.

But even without allergy bites - it is unpleasant."Sick" place itchy, baby comb and it can carry infection.Dream becomes restless inhabitants of the house: adults can not sleep because of the squeaking, notch - because of discomfort.

enemy does not go

not walk with the child near mosquito breeding places of harmful - for example, by the river - especially in the evenings.Or use repellents that can be applied to clothing.Be careful;Some funds may be used in children from six months, others - only three years old.Make sure the repellent has not appeared in the mouth of the baby.

not wear children while walking dark things.Optimum color - khaki or light gray, their mosquitoes recognize a lot worse.Do not leave windows and doors open when the electric light: light attracts insects.

not use curtains over the crib of the baby.While walking stroller cover special mosquito canopy, he stretched with rubber bands, so the crumb will not get lost in it.

Pull on windows and vents to control insects.And the vents special mosquito net.(Gauze - a bad alternative, because bad breathable, and the room is always hot.) In the doorway of a country house or villa hang curtain bright yellow: it is not only deter mosquitoes, but flies.

Keep your vacuum cleaner at the ready - a certified assistant in the basic methods of pest control, sitting on the ceiling.

Mosquitoes can not stand the smell of cloves, anise, basil, eucalyptus, cedar oil.A drop of these substances can be applied to a light bulb, or pour on the fire, when it comes to the party on the nature.Also avoid mosquitoes aroma of fresh tomato leaves, smoke from pine or spruce cones, juniper needles.

elektrofumigatora The house use to control insects.It does not matter, will be the active ingredient in the form of tablets or liquid, as long as it is suitable for small children, lactating and pregnant women.Mosquitoes disappear completely after only two hours of use.Fumigator can be left for the night, but in this case, the room should be well ventilated - sleeping with an open window.

If a mosquito bite

Keep children combing bites, short cut the nails and watch for their cleanliness.

to relieve itching from insect bites, put on the skin of any antihistamine gel, and in his absence - a paste of baking soda and drinking water.Suitable any mint toothpaste (mint acts as a local anesthetic).If itching continues to disturb the baby attach to the site of the bite cotton swabs soaked in a solution of furatsilina (one tablet in a glass of warm boiled water).

as preventing allergies to insect let the kid inside other means designed specifically for babies.

kid does not sleep because of the itching?Make it a soothing bath with succession, motherwort and valerian.