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Intestinal infection in an infant

stock a quantity of wet wipes impregnated with antiseptic, and always keep them on hand.

Our advice: if you are traveling by train, grab the special wipes for cleaning and wipe them all available child surface.

Only use disposable dishes and towels.

Carry a small thermos of hot water to rinse off what was fallen pacifier or toy.

the road not to experiment with food - stock up on all those products while traveling, to which the child is accustomed and which he loves.Of course, they should not be perishable.

Toilet in the train is not the place for a child, so grab a pot.If the baby for a long time out of it "grew up" and the house enjoys a toilet, a few days before the trip trainings.


Never be tempted to buy something tasty at the train station or at the roadside traders, so there is reason to provoke an intestinal infection in an infant.The benefits of "a pair of milk from the Ladybird" highly questionable

Our advice is to avoid problems with the wash pot, put in Pego plastic pic

ket kick in the trash.

Putting first aid kit

All medicines you may need while traveling crumbs should be at hand.This is the case of gastrointestinal agents that are better taken at the first symptoms of the disorder As part of the road first aid kit?

Permanganic - disinfecting agent in the gastro-intestinal infections.

Sorbent - neutralizes and removes toxins from the body.

Note: activated carbon is much less efficient than sorbents of new generation, it should be used only when no other means.

Regidron - salt preparation for watering the child in severe vomiting and diarrhea.

means to restore normal intestinal flora.

Our advice in intestinal infection in the infant: for prevention 2-3 weeks before travel makes sense to give the kid laktobakterialny drug, especially if a pipsqueak in the past year took antibiotics or have recently had gastro - intestinal diseases.

the blue sea

Moving to a different climate zone itself serious stress for the child's body, and unusual food and water, along with a very vague idea about hygiene in hot coastal cities create additional danger.In order not to spoil the holiday itself and the baby, observe some important rules.

choose a hotel where there is a children's table, or at least serves classic European cuisine.

If you rent apartments, buy products in markets and in supermarkets.

Give your child only bottled water from well-known manufacturers.

not buy goodies and fresh juices is, trays and especially for peddlers.

not bathe the child in the adult pool at the hotel, and rinse it under the shower after the baby "paddling".

good disinfectant property has a regular green tea.

not necessary to introduce a crumb culinary exoticism, especially e seafood, meat dishes and tropical fruits - the children's reaction to the bowel can be unexpected.

tummies hurt

Even the most vigilant parents to comply with all rules of hygiene, it is not always possible to avoid the summer the baby indigestion.Abundant diarrhea fraught with dehydration, which is aggravated by heat.Do not expect that everything will itself: the younger the child, the more dangerous consequences of delay.

First of all you need to do an enema with a solution of potassium permanganate at the rate of 2-3 crystal of 1 liter of water.Solution pour into another bowl, watching closely so that it does not remain much as crystals.The water should be lukewarm.

The same solution should be drunk in the morning and evening: children older than one year - half a cup, after 7 years - a glass, throaty bark spoon optional.

If severe diarrhea and vomiting children desoldering brine preparation rehydron.The smallest of its drip every half hour from the pipette, after half a year to produce a spoon.

Diarrhea infants continue giving breast, but little and often;Children older than one year are not fed at all, but give them a drink: green tea, decoction of wild cherry, camomile.

After cessation of diarrhea in children over three weeks, give drugs to restore the intestinal flora.

If six hours diarrhea and vomiting stop failed, the child should see a doctor.In no case can not be given to children perpetuate drugs they can cause severe intoxication.

forest dwellers

In middle latitudes the risk of catching an intestinal infection is substantially lower than in hot countries, but also in the country are found microbes.

replace conventional liquid soap in a bottle and add 10-12 drops of tea tree oil.Products from Bring only cooler bag.If there is no sewage system in the country, it is advisable to get a portable bio toilet or at least tightly close the opening years of the dressing room, sprinkle around bleach regular cast latrine peat.Naturally, the children in this case should only use a pot.

All vegetables, fruits and berries, even from the garden, wash your first raw and then boiled water.

If you buy milk from private owners, it must be thoroughly boiled.

Our advice: Filtering drinking water using household filter or throw it 5-10 tablets of activated charcoal, and then boil, after removing the sorbent.Still safer to use for drinking bottled water.

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