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How to treat otitis in an infant?

only anatomical problem?

most common pain in the eye appears in children under five years old, and there is a logical explanation.And it begins as a result of certain factors.Which ones?All individually!For example, newborns otolaryngologists diagnose otitis media, which in most cases occurs due to contact of amniotic fluid in the ear canal during the advance of the birth canal.In older children, it's different.Mechanical injury of the ear, the accumulation of moisture in the ear canal, diseases of the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, laryngitis) infections (whooping cough, scarlet fever, chicken pox) and viral (influenza) diseases can easily cause otitis media.The fact that it happened, you know of my son's well-being and little daughter.Take a closer look!

Need "home" diagnosis

Karapuz refuses the breast, rubbing the ear on the pillow, often wakes up crying, tossing and turning, suddenly had a fever ... Of course, if the child is able to speak, he is, without a doubt, perhaps evenand the noi

se in my head, and sweep the pain in one or both ears.But what about the kid who is not able to clothe thoughts into words? .. Spend a little test - and you will know whether the little otitis media (its symptoms are similar to symptoms of many other diseases).Gently press on the tragus (protruding cartilage, which is in front of the auditory canal).Scarce crying bitterly?So the problem and the truth is that the child has a sore ear.Hurry to the doctor, because the delay in this case is very dangerous!

Severe cases

very rare treatment of otitis media in a child have to attach another addition to the otolaryngologist and Pediatric Surgery.Such measures are necessary not only in advanced disease, the threat of mastoiditis (inflammation of the mastoid), meningitis (inflammation of the meninges).The indication for surgery may be the lack of effect of conservative treatment (long), accumulation of fluid in the ear and the inability to withdraw its more than three months.And if otitis media is constantly recurs.Most likely, these troubles doctor will recommend surgically remove.For example, when purulent otitis often do paracentesis or miringo-tomiyu - incision of the eardrum, which promotes the release of pus.After surgery, will have to undergo a course of antibiotics.And then your child will recover.

To ears do not hurt

Often, surgery and even the reception of strong antibiotics can be avoided quickly and correctly diagnose the disease and start treatment.Of course, the first thing that you have to do is give crumbs antipyretic (if the temperature is above 38.5 C).Small to normal condition?Proceed to!Experts are sure that without the release of mucus from the nose to cure ear impossible.The child is old enough?Teach him the right to blow his nose - alternately closing each nostril.When blowing the nose through the two nostrils at the same time increases the pressure in the nasopharynx, and increases the likelihood of infection in the middle ear cavity.


If not purulent process and high temperature, it is possible to remove the pain with the help of heating.

Ear drops

Surely doctor will recommend the patient and ear drops.Just before using them, warm the vial in his hands.Then, lay the child on the flank and drip.


good remedy for otitis - warming.Blue lamp, a bag of heated salt ... If we add to this UHF - pain in the eye, and will definitely pipsqueak of them do not even remember!