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How to apply badger fat to treat children

Reception badger fat inside enhances protein metabolism, increases immunity, hemoglobin and regulates the blood, increases the secretion of stomach, intestines activity and improves the emotional tone.It is recommended to use the badger fat as an aid in the treatment of tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis (even when smoking), dimming light, exhaustion, some types of asthma, atherosclerosis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

Secret badger fat lies in the fact that the animal stores your fat to consume it during hibernation.Badger - omnivorous animal, it feeds on insects, plants, and sometimes even small animals.On badger does not apply venom, so he quietly eats snakes and frogs.

It is best to buy it from the direct purveyors - hunters.To distinguish the natural product from counterfeiting, need to know that this fat badger is white or slightly yellowish color.It has a peculiar smell, peculiar to badger fat, but it does not look like a rancid odor or sour smell of missing fat.If the badger fat mixed w

ith pork or beef, it will melt worse than usual: the fat has a low melting point, so it quickly freezes and thaws in a refrigerator at room temperature, if you put a piece into his palm.

Features of treatment of badger fat, tips and tricks

in official medicine it is considered not a medicine, but a dietary food supplement.It can be used for prevention, and to maintain the body at the breakdown, frequent diseases.It is not recommended to use it inside the liver and biliary tract, especially in the acute stage.

Badger fat children

believed that children under 12 should not eat badger fat inside.This is due to the fact that children's liver can not cope with his assimilation.However, taking into account that the composition of badger fat is comprised almost entirely of fats that are not only vital for our body, but also perfectly assimilated them, do not adhere to the ban is too severe.A more serious problem with the badger fat sometimes occurs due to the fact that he has a very peculiar odor, so the question arises: how to apply the badger fat in children, if it is prescribed to be taken internally?If you drink pure fat, there may be nausea and vomiting reaction.Therefore it is recommended to dilute the fat in honey, milk, or a vitamin drink its decoction of St. John's wort, or hips.The pharmacies also sold badger fat in gelatin capsules.

Features of treatment with the help of badger fat, tips and tricks

For the treatment of children, it is most often used in connection with any colds, especially when coughing.Fat rubbed on the night back, shoulder blades, legs.Dosage badger fat ingestion for children - 1 teaspoon an hour before meals three times a day.The effect of the application occurs within 3-5 days, reception is better to continue for a week or two.The fat can be dissolved in hot milk, mix it with honey or jam of black currants in a ratio of 3: 1, ie,3 parts oil 1 part of honey or jam.Badger fat is also effective in treating burns and skin diseases.It is well absorbed by the skin, making it soft and supple.Burns are treated very quickly.

In principle, the use of badger fat for the treatment of children is different from how it is used for the treatment of adults.It is only necessary to comply with the lower dose ingestion.For many moms problem it remains unclear how to apply it in the treatment of children up to 3 years.In this case, it is better to avoid giving your child drink fat, use only grinding.You can try to greatly reduce the dosage and give half a teaspoon at a time.The only thing to be feared - may cause allergic reactions.

Treatment of badger fat, properties, tips Dr.

If you can not find a badger fat, and there are strong doubts as to its genuineness, you can try to use substitutes: fat marmot or a dog.Dog fat, for example, is widely used in oriental medicine to treat colds, tuberculosis and maintaining vitality of the body in severe weather conditions.It is believed that the greatest healing properties of the fat from the dog has a red color.

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