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Lesions of the effect of low temperature

Weather house

sweaty forehead, wet hair and red face - the first signs that the little one is hot.Especially in the apartment where parents are afraid to once again open the window.And the air conditioner on and we are not talking at all - it is dangerous for the baby!Around this indispensable appliance in the summer a lot of rumors.It is believed, though air conditioning provokes bronchitis and pneumonia, desiccate the air ... However, in practice, such troubles can be avoided if you use the device sensibly.See how animated toddler, barely you cross the threshold of a supermarket equipped with air conditioning.The refreshing coolness invigorates.And in the heat pipsqueak naughty and very quickly get tired ...

• Air must be installed so that the flow of cold air is not directed to a cot or on the place where the baby is most often played.Decide on the location of the device will help the wizard install the air conditioner.Well, that sometimes the baby will still fall under the stream, there is n

othing to worry about.It's an easy tempering.

• Why is air-conditioned for many parents is associated not just a cold and pneumonia?The problem is that the filters through which air passes, retain moisture droplets.And in a damp environment bacteria multiply rapidly, then a current of air raznosyaschiesya the room.Toddler inhales the germs and unknown, as it is immature immune system will react to them.Risk is!However, some simple rules reduce it to a minimum.Firstly, the air conditioner filters should be cleaned as often as possible - once every two weeks, instead of once a month, as recommended by most manufacturers.Second, be sure to turn off the air conditioning at night and a few hours during the day.During this time, unwanted moisture has time to evaporate completely.On the street heat, and in the thick of the house now?Ventilated area - iffy way to improve the climate, because you let the hot air.It is better to send the baby to the bathroom and provide it with toys.Play now cool some water - that's it, happiness!

• Air dry the air is really: because of its design it is inevitable.A dry air in the heat is harmful not only to children but also adults.In the context of colds mechanism is that more likely to over-dried mucous microbes ... but put a humidifier in the house fully compensates for the missing.Incidentally, the optimum moisture content in the flat summer 70%.And the temperature, exposed to the air conditioner - 22-24 C. Do not worry, that stripped to their underwear toddler freeze.In any case, the overall temperature will be slightly higher than indicated on the display.

• Speaking of clothes.The temperature of the air that breathes baby is more important than the number of T-shirts worn by him.Reaching the lungs, the air is heated to body temperature - 36.6 C. And if pipsqueak tridtsatigradusny inhales air, he is required to give less heat than the inhaled air at a temperature of 20 C. and baby are very, very hot ... It seems that from the air conditionerstill blowing strongly?It is best to put on baby light shirt, and does not increase the temperature of the air with the help of the device.

Star Called Sun

under direct sunlight is not helpful to anyone.So the best time for the beach, and walking in the city is as follows: 10-11 am and 17-18 pm after respectively.Do not think that the shadow of the tree is able to protect from UV light crumb.In the period when the sun is high in the sky, its rays penetrate everywhere!Regarding creams with a higher degree of SPF (UV protection) among physicians and manufacturers debate.In the West, they have proved that they do not prevent melanoma, but only protect against sunburn.Moreover, any liquid on the surface of the skin generates lens effect.This means that the skin cells receiving more ultraviolet radiation.So if you have a lot of moles baby and very light skin (risk group), do not count on the cream as a panacea.Only iron observance of safety rules as much as possible will prevent crumbs.First, strictly observe the time in the sun.Secondly, dress baby in a cotton cloth.This fabric to a greater extent than others, prevents the penetration of the rays.In addition, to ensure the effect of convection between the skin and fabric scraps to be a layer of air.And in any case, not sealed baby moles or pigmented spots plaster!So you will create the effect of a steam bath, which can promote active regeneration of skin cells ... to assimilate?Then boldly to the beach - swimming, splashing, building sand castles!By the way, mothers of infants sometimes believe that sun exposure is a reliable prevention of rickets: thanks to infrared rays in the skin produces vitamin D. irreplaceable And so it is.However, do not forget to keep the toddler from rickets, enough to walk with him 20 minutes a day in the shade.More sun for these purposes little one is not necessary.

Vodicka, Vodicka, hot ... Scarce sweats, it loses moisture and salt.The pores become clogged, causing the heat becomes unbearable and all ... What do you do away from the pond?Wear a walk with a spray bottle with water.Not only that, Vodicka is refreshing.It is also a great toy!Do not worry about a little wet shorts and T-shirts.The sultry morning clothes dry very quickly.But hat, without which the summer of nowhere, watering is still not worth it: the water will evaporate - and crumbs will become even hotter.It is no accident Sanitary and Epidemiological in kindergartens check whether all the kids are provided with panama.After a few minutes with her head uncovered toddler can get sunstroke.Let the house crumb bathed as often as possible.After the walk required a cool shower!But in a country house or cottage is indispensable inflatable pool.Naturally, the child will not want to leave and do it in the heat.That does not insist!Noticed a slightly blue lips?Then bask.The difference in temperature between water and air should not exceed 5 degrees.That is, when the heat is not worth a thirty bathe the baby in the water temperature of a mountain stream.Stress to the body, and, consequently, causes colds in greater temperature difference than the long stay in the water.So take this into account before you worry: "Is not it too long laps baby?" When the difference in temperature of water and air in a couple of degrees - not for long.But it would be a mistake to think that swimming will protect from the sun on the beach in a prohibited period from 10:00 to 17:00.On the contrary, due to the effect of the lens chance to "burn" in a way like never high.And again, in any case, do not insist on swimming in the big pond, if the kid does not want to.You think that a child does not understand his own happiness?Most likely, the pipsqueak instinctively resists contrast changes in the environment.Let him get used to yourself: take a walk along the edge of the water barefoot, play, sprinkle ... All in good time!In addition, many kids are afraid subconsciously open water areas, which have little to do with amniotic fluid.This is normal.And forced to go into the water of such children - of violence.Wait until the toddler interested himself.Well, in the meantime, to provide him with other protection from the heat: shadow, headgear, inflatable pool in the sand and, of course, drink plenty of liquids.

Moisture inside

Without enough fluid entering the body of the child, all measures to ensure the coolness will not give the desired effect.Why do you need to drink plenty of liquids?Together with then crumb loses liquid, which must be replenished.Otherwise there is a risk of dehydration.This is especially true of babies!Suffer from a lack of liquid they can in just a few hours.Fortunately, the prudent nature has created such a wonderful mechanism, breastfeeding on demand.Applying the baby as often as possible!The more liquid it will get in the hot weather, the better.Tot bottle-fed?Offers not only milk, but also ordinary bottled water - 30-50 ml in between feedings.Required!WHO - World Health Organization - advises dopaivat infants up to 6 months with water even in summer.This is due to the fact that the baby could receive less nutrients: drink water and do not want to breastfeed.Yes, and with regular use of the crumbs a liquid other than breast milk, may decrease lactation.However, the WHO guidelines in the relatively developed countries are not always immutable.For example, to African mothers, without access to improved water and artificial nutrition, loss of lactation - a catastrophe.But Ukrainian mother in extremely hot conditions can afford to "look for the child."Lactation is firmly established, a lot of milk?A baby 'hanging on the chest "all day and looks dull?Offer him a little bit of clean water with a spoon.I liked wants more?From time to time you can give babies water.However, do not overdo it and look for a middle ground.Still, breast milk up to 6 months is preferable.But after the introduction of complementary foods should be offered water constantly!In addition to compensation for the loss of moisture in the heat it will prevent crumbs from digestive problems such as constipation.By the way, the same goes for older kids.

Fads appetite

Admit it, there are many in the heat do not want you or her husband.What can we say about the little one, capable of keenly feel the needs of their body?The hottest time of the year reduced the appetite of many healthy children.The mechanism is that the body will save the liquid, and reduced secretion of digestive juices.So do not think that the little problems.On the contrary, refusing to eat, pipsqueak protects itself from digestive disorders, because without enough food digestive juice lump settles in the stomach.Therefore, do not insist on a regular spoon tasty and do not panic.Just take into account the peculiarities of the summer meal.Heat heat, and be sure that the baby fully powered, does not hurt!

• A child under one year in the summer disclaims foods?Especially on high-calorie foods such as cereals and meat?Well, it meets the energy needs of breast milk or formula.No need to hook or by crook push to toddler feeding.Simply wait a few days or weeks until the heat subsides.

• Prepare low-fat dishes - summer soups, stews, vegetable side dishes.In hot weather, the digestive system of the baby does not appreciate or even multicomponent hamburger casserole cottage cheese.But surely be delighted fruit (which is not allergic!), And melons.However, to introduce the toddler to the watermelon and melon can be after two years (about 100-150 grams per day, after three portion increased to 250 g).Melons perfectly quench thirst, contain vitamins and minerals, as well as a large number of carbohydrates covering the energy needs of the baby.This also applies to fruits, though considered to be like an apple - not the food.Once on the street 35 C, the best food is not found!Maximum appetite crumbs in the morning, half an hour after awakening, and at night, when he oncoming enough.So plan for this time receiving the most high-calorie foods - meat, cereals.In hot weather at the baby produces less saliva than usual.So, as an exception allowed the baby drink during the meal.It should be wetted!But in the not hot time of the year, it is desirable to share food and drink.Useful for the work of the pancreas.

• Nothing improves appetite as bathing.Rather than sit perspiring crumbs at the table, and then excel on the theme: "For my mother, with the turtle!" - Bathe the baby in water at room temperature.It is refreshing - and it will go fun!Excess clothing in the heat also can affect the appetite.Well, hot chubby little boy, even the finest tee shirt!Especially kids do not like wearing shoes in the heat.Ideally, a temperature between the foot and the rest of the body should not be a big difference.Of course, sandaliki needed when there is a danger of stepping on the glass, or the presence of shoes require propriety.But in other cases - the best barefoot!Oriental doctors say: on the feet are reflex points, responsible for digestion.Let the baby stimulates them!Make sure that the baby to move a lot and spend a lot of energy, respectively.Otherwise, the appetite will not matter what time of the year.Outside the window a sultry noon and the walk is excluded?Well, again, help out the game in the bath or pool.Trouble-free!

Hygiene - our everything!

Heat is fraught not only overheating and sunburn, from which protects a good cream.Intestinal infections - here's another typical summer nuisance!And sometimes it is rip off and eat unwashed bush berry as provided diarrhea.Watch this!There is nothing more effective than hand washed with soap and water before eating.You are on the sea beach?Use baby wipes, they are perfectly destroy pathogens diseases.Store in the refrigerator!Perishables (dairy, meat) to keep the heat at all is impossible: the bacteria right there!And get rid of the flies - vectors.The rules of survival in the heat you do not seem too complicated?Then enjoy the summer with the crumbs!Finally, it happens only once a year.

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