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What does it take to have a healthy baby?

on the baby's health is affected by many factors, including the health of both parents during the pregnancy, the birth process.When planning a baby, my mother should know that for the next nine months it will need a lot of patience, attention, respect for the special regime and the recommendations of the doctor, in order to successful pregnancy.Most important is diet, which should definitely include more healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, you should take a special complex of vitamins for pregnant women.

all the necessary information about the behavior during pregnancy a woman tells her doctor watching.On account of pregnancy should get up as early as possible.It depends on the size of the future, even cash benefits.The doctor will tell you that you need to give birth to a healthy child, appoint all the necessary tests and examinations.Typically, these settings are the same for everyone, but there are times when a woman should undergo further examination and consultation with other professionals, and

then the doctor gives the corresponding direction.If there is a future mother of any chronic diseases, it is imperative to report them to doctors for follow-up and selection of essential drugs permitted during pregnancy.However, many women afraid of constant trips to public institutions -zhenskie advice, and they prefer to be seen in private clinics where there are no queues.

This approach is well founded, but the public consultation visit at least a few times still have to obtain a certificate of descent, and a piece of temporary incapacity for work on the design of the maternity leave.Also, you should as often as possible to be outdoors.Expectant mother should try to give walks at least two or three hours a day, and it is better if it would walk away from a busy road, somewhere in the forest, park or park.A constant flow of oxygen is required in order to avoid fetal hypoxia.To walk you need walking, breathing deeply deeply.You can do special exercises for pregnant women.About what exactly this exercise, and how they should do, tell the attending physician.Useful special charge for pregnant women in the morning, it helps to prevent numbness and swelling.Many women attend special classes for pregnant women.

It is right and appropriate, since such courses can be found a lot of interesting and useful knowledge.They are engaged in a special fitness or yoga for pregnant women, lectures about childbirth, breast-child care, you can meet other future mothers and girlfriends to buy for the exchange of valuable experience.To give birth to a healthy child, every woman should learn how to behave correctly during childbirth, and proper breathing.Of course, when a woman gives birth, her doctors are prompt, but it is better to prepare for a responsible event, listen to lectures on proper breathing, and practice.Useful for the mother exercises in the pool, but on condition that there is no contraindication to it.But bath and sauna are undesirable because of the high temperatures.The maximum allowable time posescheniya- no more than 3-5 minutes.During pregnancy, you need to give yourself as much attention, and constantly listen to their own feelings and intuition in such matters is important.

In any indisposition should be reported to the doctor, hospitalization may be required.Should not be afraid of it, it is a common medical tactics, and in most cases doctors prefer to just play it safe and watch pregnant in the hospital.But the implementation of doctors' prescriptions, not all that makes a successful pregnancy.During pregnancy, you need to get a lot of positive emotions, because the mood of mom passed and her baby.

Listen to relaxing classical music (by the way, it is like and child), communicate with the baby, let him know you are glad he is waiting for his birth.During pregnancy, it is better not to adhere to a strict diet and avoid junk foods only very, such as fast food, canned food, meats, especially spicy seasonings, and those that can cause allergic individual.It is necessary to regularly provide themselves and the child enough vitamins and minerals.But try as little as possible on their own to visit the shops, and even more so not to carry heavy bags of groceries.Leave it to her husband or other family members.In general, it is best to avoid all over-crowded places, especially during epidemics of a viral infection.During pregnancy, the immune system is weakened and sore catch will be much easier, and to be treated by her long, since many drugs are prohibited for pregnant women.And still it is necessary to seriously approach the issue of when and how the birth will occur.

Every woman at work, from the seventh month of pregnancy, given maternity leave.This means that from the time you will be fully provided myself and prepare for future delivery.Select the appropriate hospital, look at the reviews of it, meet with a doctor who will take delivery.The main thing that it is credible, and labor as much as possible be with you.Correct, consistent behavior and doctor mother at birth - a guarantee that you will give birth to healthy children.After the birth, you may be in the same room with the baby, although in many hospitals is a paid service, or in a shared room with other women, which bring children to feed.But when, and pregnancy and childbirth are behind, you'll realize what a joy to have a child, and how it's great - to be a mom.

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