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The causes and character of the rash in children


lesions of the skin allergies are varied or, in medical terms, polymorphism.Allergies can occur with small red or intense pink pimples, spots and spots of various sizes and shapes.Most often seen on the body of the crumbs evenly area of ​​redness.Typically, the rash itches and keeps the baby rest.A distinctive feature of an allergic rash of nature - it is the symmetry of the skin lesions.For example, red handles both at the same height / width of the plot.The rash of blisters, as if the child was stung by nettles, called: urticaria.There, she almost immediately after the intake of the allergen.The rash appears rapidly before our eyes (especially when it comes to urticaria), then you need to call a doctor without delay.Use the phone the ambulance or emergency room.

infectious diseases

Almost all childhood infectious diseases are accompanied by a rash on the skin.When chicken pox rash begins with the appearance of pink spots that just a few hours turn into bubbles.It takes a day or two -

and blisters dry up, forming crust.New elements appear randomly, so that when viewed from the skin of a sick child may notice a rash on various stages of development: the spots and blisters and scabs.When rubella rash expressed pink spots small.The first "sprinkle" the face and neck, but within a few hours of the rash spread throughout the body.Favourite places "rubella" rash - extensor surfaces of arms and legs, back and buttocks.After a day or two rash fades and goes, leaving behind a light pigmentation.For the characteristic measles rash melkopyatnistaya merging.Its distinguishing feature - phasing appearance.On the first day there are rashes on the face, the second - in the upper half of the body and the handle, and the third - on the legs.When scarlet fever rash punctulate, it appears on a background of reddened skin.The largest concentrations of elements of an eruption can be seen in the natural folds.On the face free of lesions remains nasolabial triangle.If you suspect that a baby has a rash associated with infectious disease caused by the doctor at home.You can not take the child to the clinic, because the majority of infections are highly contagious.

Sensitive skin

In the hot season on the body of the baby may appear small, the points, the rash of pale pink.It sudamen, which arises as a response to the overheating of the baby.Most often affected skin on the neck, back, shoulders, and in the natural folds.As a rule, the physical condition of the baby is normal, but the rash can cause itching.The cause of prickly heat that sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin in early childhood are not able to fully participate in sweat.Ducts of some glands are clogged, which leads to the appearance of a rash.Intertrigo - the defeat of skin inflammatory response to touch the baby's skin with urine and feces.The places most prone to the formation of diaper rash - it folds in the neck and stomach, as well as the axillary and inguinal region.Not so very terrible heat rash or diaper rash as its complications.Any defect in the skin - a potential "entrance gate" for infection.Due to the nature, stripping the baby, you notice a rash?Do not panic and do not grab for Zelenka!Remember, on some parts of the skin having first elements.Remember that the baby ate and drank the night before, what new hygienic means you handle it the skin.Measure the temperature of the crumbs.If the nature of the rash guards, call the doctor!Diaper rash and prickly heat after a series of hygiene procedures and normalization of temperature conditions are quite fast.If symptoms persist persist, consult your pediatrician or dermatologist.The appearance of a rash in the form of small hemorrhages or bruises - a signal to the fact that a doctor should be called immediately!