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Violation of posture in children of preschool age

According to statistics, 40% of children suffer from curvature of the spine, with girls more often than boys.Today, when the TV and PC are gradually replacing the sport in the life of our children and teachers in the school due to the heavy workload did not pay much attention to how the child is sitting at a desk, parents should be alert to identify the disease in the bud.

What is fraught with bad posture?

Look carefully to what your child is sitting at the table during drawing or playing computer games.Proper posture is whether he is no slouch he?If you put it exactly against the wall, do not you think that the child has one shoulder slightly higher than the other?If at least one of the questions you have answered "yes", you need to, without delay, consult a podiatrist.In fact, after 16-17 years to correct your posture will be very, very difficult.A correct position of the spine is very important!When bending deformed internal organs later in life appear back pain, muscle adhesions, the formation o

f intervertebral hernia.And from a psychological point of view, slouching young man or woman, have great difficulty in communicating with their peers and in their personal lives, as though feeling at some ineradicable physical flaw.

If your child has had spinal injuries, even minor or an infant he had been ill with rickets, your attention to his posture should be doubled.The same situation, if a child is prone to be overweight.Keeping the body in an upright position is provided by the activities of the back extensors and ligaments of the spine, which in children under a certain age are not well developed.And if your child has overweight, it is usually accompanied by protrusion of the stomach, and, as a consequence, on the extensor muscles of the back falls additional load.All this leads to the development of poor posture and vulnerability of the spine as a whole: a heavy stomach as if pulling the lumbar region of the spine forward and chest - back, formed bending at the waist, spine quickly gets used to the wrong position, the muscles weaken.

posture correction

preschool children are rare form of fixed curvature of the spine, their muscles and ligaments more flexible, and if necessary, the baby can be straightened, straighten your shoulders and round back away.But soon tired muscles, and the child will take the former, relaxed posture.It is therefore necessary to strengthen the long-term and systematic muscles of the trunk.To do this, of course, very important systematic exercise.Very useful aerobics, choreography, ballroom dancing and, of course, swimming.But the much-loved boys football and wrestling is very traumatic for the spine, and for all children not strong body as a whole.In addition, the emerging spinal deformity can be corrected at home with the help of special exercises.Of course, you must first consult with a doctor to conduct a survey and according to his appointments: X-rays or MRIs.Of course, the second survey a bit more expensive, but in the case of MRI child spared the dose of X-rays and MRI scans of the doctor sees not only the problem of the bone of the spine, in the case of X-rays, but also the wrong position of the muscles and ligaments.Therefore, the diagnosis is accurate and the prescribed treatment is required to bear fruit.

So, as a way to prevent violations of posture correction or initial deformations, besides those already mentioned above, the time-tested exercises can also offer following:

1. Ask your child to lean against the wall so that the back of his head, shoulder blades andbuttocks were firmly pressed to the surface.Let him sit down and slowly straightened several times.First, the child can be quite difficult to keep his balance - it is also a sign of incipient problems with posture.Exercise should be repeated several times a day;

2. During the cooking lessons or games at the computer required to force a child to get up every half hour.Let him at least a bypass around the table 3-4;

3. For the toning muscles of the back are sometimes useful to straighten his back, twirl her head side to side and back and forth.Not fast, not to dizzy!

next set of exercises can be done both sitting and standing.

1. Seat the child on the edge of a chair so that the back, thigh and lower leg at right angles to each other, let him freely give up and slightly bend the shoulders.Ask him to simultaneously stretch the calves, abdomen and back muscles, shoulders, bend back as far as possible to the blades touched, and tilt the head back.Not dramatically, so as not to injure the cervical vertebrae!Let sit a few seconds in a state of stress, and then relax again.Repeat several times.

2. Ask your child to get up from a chair, to connect the heel, stretch the knees, buttocks and abdominal muscles.Now let pops up on toes as high as soon as he could, will strain the whole body and then slowly relax.Exercises should be repeated for a long time.

Complicated cases

Alas, time is not always the parents notice that their child has a problem with the spine.Sometimes the consequences of breaking the posture of preschool children by this time have gone so far that a simple physical therapy there was nothing to fix.The child slouches badly, complains of pain in the back, one shoulder is much higher than the other, in the most severe cases, the spine begins to resemble the hump.But these problems, modern medicine has learned to solve.There are many methods for correction of even the most neglected problems with the spine, especially if the child is not yet 15 years old.

doctor will prescribe your child corset, entrenching collar, belt or recliner. These products are made to order for a specific figure of some problems of the spine.

not useless massage. Take into account the opinion of experienced massage therapists.They believe that, no matter how the patient's back is started, it should not feel pain during the massage - just some soreness.And if the child complains that his communication with the masseur reminiscent of Chinese torture, look for another expert - the only harm your child.

Manual therapy is contraindicated in children because children's vertebrae are not yet fully made up of bone and cartilage are the elements.If they are deformed, when you try a chiropractor to put them in place will happen even more stretching ligamentous apparatus.

doctor may prescribe a child physiotherapy or acupuncture ."Needles" will remove the excess muscle tension and improve the microstructure of the tissue, physiotherapy restores elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

main role in correcting posture is still for physical therapy .But in severe cases it can be done only under the supervision of a doctor LFK.Although podiatrists believe that scoliosis can not be completely cured, you still should not give up.It is actually a complex treatment to achieve a significant correction of posture - the transition from more to less curvature, reducing back pain.

And in the most difficult situations can only help the surgery.But this is possible only in adulthood.In addition, the surgery - it's a big risk.Such operations are complex and fraught with reduction of efficiency for a long time.


never tired of reminding your child about the need to align your posture, stand up straight, shoulders back and take a direct position to comply with the torso to the head.Do not be afraid to be boring!Suppose that you and your child will become a habit to postpone the game periodically, distracted from the computer and carry out small fizkultminutki consisting of exercises mentioned in this article.And then the reward for all your efforts will be a healthy and normally developing child.


Valery Semenovich Prohornya, orthopedic surgeon

back problems are often associated with heredity, therefore in violation of a bearing at one of the parents is likely that the child will have a back problem.Therefore, it is important to regularly show his podiatrist.It is best to do this every three years, starting from 3 years of age.Often such spinal disorders as scoliosis and stoop, develop a child of a permanent seat in the same pose.Muscles cease to grow and can not support the weight of the body.Correct posture is that if a table is below the level of the solar plexus.Then the child will not have much to bend or, conversely, to drag out of the countertop.The chair is better to choose so that the entire back rested on the back, and not just its upper part.