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What to do if your child has intestinal colic

disease - not a disease

flatulence - a natural process.However, in children it causes some discomfort.Usually during colic begins with Z-fourth week of life and continues up to 4 months.The main reason for this - Functional immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the enzyme system.The resultant gas expands the bowel loops, which are responsible for stimulation of painful spasms.Period cramps can also be called a period of adaptation, because the body in a short time the baby has to adjust to a completely different type of food.On a note!The process of gasification can enhance the following factors: early transition to artificial feeding, errors in diet nursing mother, her excessive anxiety and nervousness.Of the more serious causes that require correction, we can distinguish the phenomenon dysbiosis (disturbance of the microflora), as well as lactase deficiency, when the body does not assimilate baby milk sugar.

Recognize colic

attack of colic usually begins suddenly, often at nigh

t.All kind baby shows that he have a concern.He winces, curve mouth, groans, and is pressing worries feet, face red crumbs.If you can not handle the problem on their own, the baby tries to "tell" you about it, that is, begin to cry.Typically, this sudden and loud lamentation.Tummy feels somewhat swollen.You will notice that after flatus baby calms down.Outside attack the child is active and cheerful, eats well and gaining weight.On a note!Vomiting, upset stool, fever signal that may be a problem - not only in flatulence.Long continuous crying, refusal to eat, and changes in the overall condition of the child must be your cheerleaders!

Struggling with

sometimes painful spasm relief is enough to hold the baby upright, hugged her and gently stroking his tummy in a clockwise direction.As warmer suit warm pelenochka or Dad's stomach, which can be put loudmouth.From the release of heat cramps, lighter gases depart, besides getting better emotional bond between father and child.If you have any gripes against the backdrop of a delay chair, you can use the vapor tube or make microclysters with boiled water or a decoction of herbs.Tested years carminative - a dill Vodicka.Purchase can be in a drugstore or to prepare itself: 5 g fennel seeds (fennel), pour 100 ml of boiling water, a techenie20minut, drain, cool and give the baby as a drink.In pharmacies and departments of baby food a large selection of ready-made herbal teas soothing cramps.There are many medications to combat flatulence.Advertising encourages use them.Despite the fact that these drugs are permitted and recommended for admission to the first months of life, before giving them to your child, consult your pediatrician.

How to prevent?

What to do if your child has intestinal colic, which is already quite a long time do not pass?To prevent excessive flatulence crumbs nursing mother should take care of their diet, especially in the first months of baby's life.Excessive flatulence cause cabbage (especially sauerkraut), whole milk, black bread, bananas, apples, excess sweets (chocolate).It happens that a child's individual sensitivity to certain foods - they also better to exclude from the diet of the mother.If you need to transfer the baby to infant formula, do it gradually.Also, in small doses administered corrective additives (juice, egg yolk) and Lure.One of the causes of flatulence - pneumophagia: excessive swallowing of air while eating.Watch carefully for good attachment to the breast crumbs.For bottle-feeding uses a special physiological nipples.

Massage for belly

Normalize intestinal peristalsis, facilitate the discharge of gas and stool special exercises and massage elements.Stroking tummy crumbs hand clockwise to bend the legs bent to the abdomen, elbow and knee connects the opposite limb.Repeat this exercise several times a day.

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