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How to bring worms from the body of the child?

phrase "disease of dirty hands" associated with enterobiasis.This worm infestation causes pinworms - small roundworms.Through the unwashed hands of pinworm eggs get into his mouth and ripen in the intestine.These worms are very prolific: in one laying female pinworms may defer from 100 to 300 eggs.The female ready to lay eggs, crawls out of the anus.This happens during the night the child.Moving worm causes itching and kid, combing the place, "inhabits" our hands on eggs.Fingers are in the mouth - and the egg to larva migrates into the gastrointestinal tract.So begins a new cycle of helminthic invasion.Pinworm, parasites in the intestines of the child, causing a persistent decline in immunity.Against the background of helminthic invasion kids get sick more often viral and bacterial infections.Itching in the perineum leads not only to scratches, and the development of inflammation in the skin of the baby in addition disturbed night's sleep, which depletes the nervous system remains.


for Ascaris characterized by a complex cycle of maturation.Eggs of helminths have to get into the soil.From there through the unwashed fruits and vegetables, they penetrate into the human intestine, where the larvae hatch from the eggs.After 10-14 days the larvae migrate to the bloodstream to the lungs, which causes the development of cough.When sputum expectoration containing larvae of the trachea and bronchi reaches the cavity of the mouth, where re-swallowed.At this stage in the gut of larvae evolving adult form.Mature individuals living in humans of about 12-15 months, reaching 20-40 cm in length.By these motions helical worms penetrate the different parts of the intestine, including the appendix, as well as in the ducts of the digestive glands.Ascariasis provokes the development of allergies in children.Typical of this infection are immunosuppression and the development of vitamin deficiencies.

main manifestations

Many worm infestation have a number of similar symptoms.Usually, my mother drew attention to the fact that the baby is spoiled appetite crumb becomes irritable and moody.Kids older complain of abdominal pain, pointing out to the navel and the lower abdomen.Irritable bowel leads to increased stool (consistency while it usually does not change).Specific signs enterobiasis (pinworm infestation) is a nocturnal itching in the anal area.The child does not sleep, tossing and turning in his sleep.Intermittent dry cough "no reason, no reason at all", which is not treatable by conventional means, characteristic of pulmonary ascariasis stage.At the stage of the intestinal stage crumbs worried stomach, vomiting may occur and upset the chair.We often have vulvity baby?Eliminate worm infestation, especially banal enterobiasis.This intimate problems as child masturbation can also be a consequence of gelminitoza.

it necessary to treat the child from helminthic invasion simply on the fact of staying in the village, say, or if you suspect the presence of worms?In view of the low rate of detection of parasites (because of the imperfection of simple research methods) are recommended twice a year to carry out therapeutic and prophylactic anthelmintic treatment courses, so you learn how to get the worms out of the body of the child.But in cases of suspected bot must pass a special examination under the supervision of a specialist.Worm infestation has been infectious disease (in any children's clinic).The main methods of diagnosis are fecal helminth eggs, scraping with perianal folds on enterobiasis and a blood test for antibodies to certain worms.For laboratory studies morning cal collect not less than 50 g from different places.Desirably repeat study thrice daily basis or every other day.Feces were placed in a clean glass or plastic jar and transported to the laboratory.Scraping for Enterobiasis holds mom.Early in the morning push the gluteal folds kid and a cotton swab dipped in boiled some water, carefully held on the skin around the anus.Stick placed in a glass jar and taken to the laboratory.For treatment use of anthelmintic drugs, designated according to the results of laboratory diagnostics.The most effective inclusion of two specific drug therapy.Treatment chemicals should only be done under medical supervision.

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