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The syndrome of sudden death in children

Doctors are puzzled - why the sudden death syndrome is found only in children less than a year, because those whose age exceeded this mark, the disease is not fatal, the cause of death can be anyway.

Unfortunately, there is no chance to anticipate and prevent sudden death syndrome.Therefore, parents, reading to the pathologist, do not believe him and think that to blame the doctors.

this terrible syndrome investigated the scientific medical workers all over the world, but the cause of causing the sudden death of a child has not been established.However, some factors have been proposed, increasing the risk of death syndrome.

first.It was observed that the average age of the children died suddenly fluctuates around six months.At the same time there are no data on victims syndrome, whose age was two months (or less).

second.The most common syndrome of sudden death dying boy.

third.Enormous role played by the child's living conditions (housing and household).For example, if the baby is sleeping in a st

uffy, unventilated room.

fourth.Most often, the death of this syndrome was advancing in autumn and spring months - when more and more cases of acute respiratory diseases among the population.

fifth.The most common syndrome found at night (or rather, from 00:00 to 06:00).Peak mortality - between 4 and 6 hours of the morning.

sixth.If earlier the family was observed sudden death syndrome, there is a possibility of its secondary manifestations of the second child.

seventh.Incredibly, it was on holidays and weekends the number of deaths from the syndrome increases.

eighth.There are cases when the child died suddenly, being under the supervision of relatives or friends of the family.That is when the parents left the child in the care of relatives.

ninth.Most often, the mother, the child who suffered sudden death, was quite severe pregnancy complications, or it is made up of multiple abortions.Also - if the first and second (second to third, etc.) of the child age range is not more than a year.

The syndrome of sudden death in children tenth.Studies have shown that children whose parents have bad habits (smoking, addiction to alcohol or psychotropic substances), often happens sudden death syndrome.

eleventh.A large percentage of death belongs to the children of mothers at delivery was less than 17 years.

twelfth.If, during the birth mother unforeseen complications, such as rapid delivery, cesarean section, stimulation using oxytocin and the like, then the likelihood that her child may be sudden death syndrome is higher than that of other mothers.

Thirteenth.Most recorded cases of sudden death in post-term or premature babies with a large weight.

However, this does not mean that these factors have taken place in a child's life, he is sure to die from a terrible syndrome.Most of these children live, as they say, "happily ever after."But there are other factors that contribute to the syndrome, for instance, hereditary or congenital health problems of parents who are in adverse circumstances can rapidly develop in the child.

Doctors also identified several features of the state of the baby, which increase the risk of SIDS:

- baby's brain requires more oxygen in the room than the adult brain;

- a child may be violated rhythmic activity of the heart;

- the baby often have transient pauses in breathing as he sleeps.Although, and absolutely healthy children sometimes happen breath, the length of a couple of seconds.However, if you notice that your baby stops breathing for 20 seconds or more - sound an alarm, it can be fatal.In addition, make sure that the baby is not pulled in a dream blanket over his head.And observe the temperature in the room - remember, children tolerate heat much worse than cool.Do not forget that children under one year is contraindicated sleep on a pillow.

order to somehow protect the child from sudden infant death syndrome, his mother should be, first of all, think about what kind of life she leads, whether fully powered, does not have any bad habits.All of the factors that may contribute to the development of SIDS, should be immediately removed from the mother's life forever, as if it was not easy.

should also pay special attention to the conditions in which your child lives.He had to sleep in his crib, and not on one couch with his parents.Preferably, if the baby will sleep with adults in the same room.Choose a mattress, it's hard to stop variant.Make sure that the baby crib There are no foreign objects (toys, rattles, pillows).The room temperature should not be above the level of + 20 ° C.

Try not to teach your baby to sleep on his stomach, and especially do not sleep with him in the same bed.If the child is sleeping on his back - he more often wakes up at night crying - it reduces the risk of respiratory arrest in the infant several times.

not worth visiting crowded places in a child who has not turned a year.Do not contact with sick people, because ARD, which can pick up the kids from adult simply, again increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

If you notice that your baby spits up a lot, and often - always after each feeding wear it vertically so that the air went out himself.Lift up from the end of the bed where the baby's head is at 45 °.

If you are aware of all the factors that contribute to sudden infant death syndrome in infants, you can protect your child from this terrible scourge.

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