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Recommendations to parents for physical education of children

Current recommendations parents in physical education of children usually first call on them to organize a morning exercises for the child.And it can start as early as toddlers.It is enough to ask the kid to be like as a bear (waddling), like a dog in the hind legs, jump, imitating a frog or bunny.You can also offer crumbs options more complicated.For example, to represent the patient's sparrow, who hurt his foot, an old man with a cane, or swallow.It is suitable for gymnastics for preschoolers and known to all exercise of the "bicycle", "mill", "goose step" and others.

For school-age child can develop a set of physical exercises.And his creation, and it is possible to connect the child.Offer him a dream.Options exercise should be different.They should be encouraged to move the legs, arms, cervical, spine in general, pelvic department.

Remember that any morning exercises should not be unnecessarily prolonged.It should give the body vitality, to cheer up the child, but not to bore.Always start with a l

ight warm-up and finish the exercise calm, able to normalize breathing.

to the above recommendations of the parents of children in physical education may be added.Regular classes morning exercises can markedly improve the child's body.However, as the growth and maturation of the child, his physical activity should increase.It is their increased as regards boys.They can offer to go to wrestling, athletics or swimming.Girls very appropriate dance classes (ballroom, folk or modern - style you choose for yourself).After all, dance classes form a correct posture, contribute to the prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, train center of balance, strengthens the body as a whole.In addition, movement in the rhythm of the music supports the development of musical ear.

Specific recommendations on the program of the parents of each sport or activity close in content to sports can give, of course, only the coach.In addition, it also can become your family counselor for physical education of children (of course, if your child will be involved and will attend classes on a regular basis).After all, usually engaged in coaching people is relatively young, but experienced, and most importantly, able to reach out to the child.

add that sport always contribute to psychological and proper upbringing of children.It's no secret that all athletes have good self-control, they developed volitional, commitment, ability to break the alleged effects on the stages and gradually and systematically to achieve your goals.

Remember that select specific sports should be strictly in accordance with the state of health of your child.For example, if your child has problems with posture, then it is better to fit such sports, such as swimming.In this case it is better to avoid any sport that can exacerbate the problem.In particular, it is not necessary to deal with those kinds of wrestling that use stooped rack.

also consider is the age kids.Recall that about 4 years usually begin to take the kids to school on the basis of swimming pool, dancing, a children's pool.Any kind of fighting for the boys (sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling, wushu) are shown after 6-9 years.

Well, if the parents are involved in sports with the children.In winter you can organize joint visits to ski, ice skating, summer welcome any group Ira sports - volleyball, basketball, badminton and others.You can organize a joint entry into the forest, the nature, cycling or walking.All this contributes to the full physical development of children and adolescents.In addition, a positive synergy strengthen family relations, learn to act as a team, will provide kids an outlet of excess energy and lift your spirits.

Physical education of children should ideally be accompanied by quenching.The complex daily exercise can successfully complete water treatments or just cool rubdown.Hardening can also be carried out in the form of daily dousing with cold water, walking barefoot (including the winter in the snow, in the summer on grass, rocks or sand).

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