Useful physical activities for the body

Thus during a workout, you do not feel tired, because you will be completely focused on the surf.As in the classroom, you will learn to balance, climb from the slope right and catch a wave, at home you will also be easier to keep a balance, you will improve mobility and add strength.Try to hold useful lessons for the physical body.

Emotional contribution
surfing requires a clear head and focus on a single goal.With this you have to be so perceptive to feel the water to interact with its energy and trust your intuition.Use contact with water all your mental and emotional energy.Over time you will learn how to calculate the movement of the water even in bad weather, although I seemed to you that it is unpredictable.
Where to start?
In order to learn to catch the wave, it takes a long-term practice.The best way to engage in specialized sports schools, instead of asking you to teach a lesson to friends or acquaintances.To start practicing on surfboard from foam, because it is more stable and easier to co
ntrol on the waves than a fiberglass surfboard.

physical activities - Mountain Biking on the road
Mountain Biking on the road helps to improve the exchange of oxygen in the body.Fast movements that require some effort, increase the heart rate.Joy, who often travels on a mountain bike, a very well-developed front and back of the thighs, as well as strength and elegance.

Emotional contribution
Hover over the rocks, the excitement at the sight of the steep hills will give you the opportunity to open a child.Also, this sport will find harmony with nature.You can feel every pebble bicycle tires on a rock, you become one with the world around them.
Where to start?
Start engaged with a friend who used to driving on a mountain bike, or join a club of fans of this sport.Be sure to remember everything you are advised to exercise: while driving do not make sharp turns steering.If you go down the steep slope, focus not to descend into the trees.To achieve a good work skills, practice mountain biking through the day.If you wish to remain an amateur in the sport, will be enough to go once a week.

physical activities - Nordic Walking Benefits

From the Nordic walking looks easy, even flying.Sometimes, Nordic walking, called "Nordic walking", because when walking using special modified ski poles, finished rubber.This sport develops coordination of movements of the upper and lower parts of the body.Also, work your arms, shoulders and back - those parts of the body that are not usually involved in the usual walking.In addition, Nordic Walking burns 40% more calories than usual.In addition, the circulation is regulated.
Where to start?
You can start to train yourself to do this, you need to purchase a special Nordic walking sticks and a DVD with a training film.You can find out which clubs offer to engage in this sport and start training in a group.Once you learn how to perform basic movements of walking with sticks, you can include it in your daily workout, for example, to arrange a 30-minute walk Scandinavian after follow basic exercises.
Emotional contribution
Nordic walking is suitable for any level of fitness, asit is the most gentle and easy way to develop endurance, coordination, strength and flexibility.A mesmerizing rhythmic movement sticks, lets reflect and relax.

physical activity - Climbing
At first glance, it seems that in this sport works best hands.This impression is deceptive, climbing involved at all wool body, including a group of abdominal muscles.Rock climbing is also developing functional fitness.This means that you will be much easier to lift heavy bags, small children or climb stairs.
Climbing tell you ways to look anew at old problems.Climbing the rock, you'll often get stuck in one place.And if in life you have a tendency to leave the target range, the climbing will teach you to stop, breathe, look again at his goal and find a new, alternate route to it.Rock climbing is also developing trust, because climbing a rock, you rely on a man holding a rope to which you are attached, and helps to build faith.There is nothing nicer than to achieve the desired top and look at the world from above.
Where to start?
Engage weekend with the coach - ideal for beginners.You can also enroll in classes at any climbing wall.Artificial rocks are different from the present, according to these workouts will help you work out all the necessary skills in order to then climb on real rocks.

physical activity - running in a natural landscape

This race is different from the usual not only because it does not need to run on the sidewalk and in the mud.The implication running in hilly terrain or on rough terrain, which allows us to develop completely different muscle groups.This work involves a large number of muscle fibers and many of the leg muscles and knees, because, apart from the usual run, is also required to keep the body in balance on uneven terrain.When you run up, attacks are becoming more strained feet and ankles stronger.Please note that the hip can not always listen to you during that time, when you lift the foot to overcome obstacles.If you use all of these physical activities for the body, you will improve the health and physical condition.