Fitness and other exercises for pregnant women

People used to think that the rest - is the norm, and exercise - are dangerous, but today we realize that pregnancy without complications opposite is true.Fitness helps to get rid of back pain, constipation, edema, and other unpleasant effects associated with an interesting situation.Systematic studies not only to prevent excessive weight gain, but also to make childbirth easier.Through fitness and other exercises for pregnant you recover quickly form after the appearance of the baby.

Begin concerned now

The more you move, the better to prepare your body for childbirth and recovery.Physiologists believe that even if you were sedentary, starting an exercise program with moderate loads while awaiting the baby is safe.In 2005, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology released a new version of his famous book, "Your pregnancy and childbirth."The information contained in the program it is recommended that even those women who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

continue to move cautious


Nobody knows exactly how much exercise during pregnancy is enough and how much is too much.Most experts agree that 30 minutes of continuous employment is quite safe.This does not mean that you have to stop suddenly after exactly half an hour.

Slow down gradually and give yourself a full 5 minutes to recover.Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.And keep in mind that exercise is not recommended for women with placenta previa, or hypertension, is caused by pregnancy.Most modern moms involved in fitness and other exercises for pregnant women.

Stand with feet wider than the hips, knees bent, feet turned outwards so that it is comfortable, and hands - on hips.Bend your knees and touch the left knee with his right hand, as shown in the picture (A).Wave your right hand up and right, as if the sword pull out of the hip, look up towards the hand of (B).Perform repetitions, change sides and do the same.

What gives: strengthens the back, legs and abdomen, promotes harmony.

Exercise wagging tail

staying on his knees, stand on all fours, place the wrist under the shoulders.Pull the belly;ears - in line with the shoulders.Lift the left knee up and to the side (A) and draw circles they hold stomach in (B).Make the required number of repetitions and switch legs.

Fitness and other exercises for pregnant women to help strengthen the lower back and abdomen, improve flexibility and body balance.

on how hard you need to do?

If measured on a scale of activity before, then your area - from 5 to 8 (the level at which you can still carry on a conversation), but do not worry if due to accidental or hill fast pace you dance a little moreout of breath.

Prepare for childbirth using Pilates

Even infrequent Pilates during pregnancy will help you be focused and at the same time relaxed during childbirth.This program of contemporary exercises give your body a sense of harmony, strength and endurance.Will any fitness level softly and safely in any trimester.Do these exercises three times a week, repeated every 5 times.Mash previously using brisk 15-minute walk away.Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting classes.

Exercise for stretching the hips

The position on lap gather in the stomach, arms along the lower body;if desired, beneath the knees one or two blankets for convenience (A).Squeezing the buttocks, inhale, slightly crouched, but without lowering the hips completely.Stretch your arms forward at shoulder level, palms facing down (B).Exhale, returning to the upright position of the hip and lower arms.What gives: strengthens thighs, ass, lower back and abdomen.

Exercise hilt

Stand on your right knee and place your right hand under the shoulder.Stretching his left leg to the side, put a foot on the floor;He is looking right thigh and stomach in.Tap the left hand on the floor, looking down.Inhale and slowly pull the arm up, opening the chest and watching the hand.Exhale, lowering his hand to the starting position.Perform repetitions, change sides and repeat.What gives: strengthens the arms, stomach, hips and back, helps harmony.