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How to pump up the muscles of the vagina?

If you have vaginal muscles are flexible, you can say you're in luck, but with the birth of the baby, this situation will change.During labor, the muscles stretch and weaken.Determine the weakened muscles can be their own.The main feature is that it is virtually impossible to hold urine.There may be pain during menstruation, orgasm and even in the bed stop.

Childbirth help in training

Our kids come into the world through the vagina, it is for them like the door to a great life.But these doors were able to not only open but also to shut down, they need to be adjusted.Midwives always suggest how to behave during childbirth, where to push and where to relax.But women who are not trained muscles before, are unlikely to understand what was expected of them want.During labor women greatly strained, because of which the uterus is opened slightly.It should be the other way around to relax, and then the pain significantly diminished.Period when to start attempts during labor, lasts up to 10 minutes.At t

his stage, you need to relax much as possible in order to avoid rupture of the cervix.Then listen to the obstetrician, and as soon as you are told to push, take a deep breath and hold your breath.Muscles shrink and at the time of exhalation vaginal muscles relax noticeably.

Once the baby's head appears, no longer need to make an effort.Otherwise, you can trigger a rupture of the vagina.If, however, the gap has occurred, relax, it will help your doctor quickly sew you.Doing exercises for your muscles, you are a great pleasure to her husband and save the health.

exercises to train the muscles of the vagina

Now I would like to talk about themselves exercise.They are called Kegel exercises.The first part of the exercise should be known to everyone.First of all, they have focused on podgotavlivanie women for childbirth, for treatment of incontinence.For best results in a short time you need not be lazy and do them every day.

  1. Learn to feel the vaginal muscles.When urinating, hold for a while urine.Thus, your entrance to the vagina muscles are tense.

  2. In turn squeeze the sphincter muscles and vagina.Do it quickly, repeating 20 times.Then you can simultaneously train the muscles and breathing.On the exhale, tighten your vaginal muscles, then relax them.Similarly, the muscles of the sphincter.

  3. For the next exercise, you can ask for help from your spouse.During intercourse, try the inner vaginal muscles to push the penis.This exercise is not only useful, but also bring great pleasure to you both.

  4. Stand up and straighten your back.Arrange the feet shoulder width apart and place your hands on your hips.Begin to squat while bending the knees.Sitting down, pause for a few seconds.

Exercise does not necessarily perform all together, you can choose something for themselves and one to train the muscles.Charging will start immediately after discharge from the hospital.It also happens that none of the training does not help.Then you need to consult a gynecologist.After the inspection is likely that he will direct the operation.After a difficult birth with tears on their own homes can not be rebuilt muscle, which is why surgery happens.The timing of surgery just a couple of minutes.This procedure is absolutely painless.The operation that the surgeon connects the torn muscle fibers.Then you just have to perform these exercises.Before you start the exercises, try again to stop the urine on the toilet.Repeat this for every trip to the toilet.

not start training with the exercises, which need at least make an effort because you do not know exactly what your muscles.

Kegel exercises - 2 way of training

Kegel exercises many sources interpreted in different ways.Here's another example of how to perform them:

  1. Tighten the muscles of the vagina and count to 5, relax them and re-count.Repeat up to 10 times.

  2. at high speed strain and relaxes the muscles.But not more than 10 times.

  3. Pull the muscles of the vagina and imagine that you are holding an object and does not allow him to leave.Count to 5, relax.Repeat 10 times.

huge plus all the exercises that they can do, not only at home but also while at work or on the bus.At the beginning of the course exercises can hurt the muscles of the vagina, monthly can come early, excitement may occur.

Do not be lazy, because first of all, you care about your health!

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