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Female Orgasm: whether to wait for favors from nature?

Scientists believe that iznachalnoorgazm could get a man.For the beautiful half of humanity it was not onzaprogrammirovan.Only evolution gave rise convergence muzhskogoi female sexual desire in getting an orgasm.

However, according to statistics, mnogiezhenschiny have never in my life experienced an orgasm that neredkonegativno impact on their health.Those who are deprived of regular sex life, may be faced with women's diseases.

In women experiencing orgasm (neimeet value in what way), on the contrary, reduced the risk of disease.

types of female orgasm

There are several types orgazmau women, one of whom called the clitoral.It stimulates the clitoris when seksualnyypartnёr his partner's finger, tongue member.

zarekomendovavshihsebya also one of the ways to achieve such an orgasm is considered masturbation.

To achieve another type orgazma- vaginal stimulation of the vagina is needed.On the strength and influence prodolzhitelnostpodobnogo fun penis and its speed.The bystreestimulyatsi

ya, the faster the woman will experience peak pleasure.

uterine orgasm is achieved putёmstimulyatsii cervix using a male member.It also depends on the body of a man razmerovpolovogo.

With kisses and caresses mozhetvozniknut non-genital orgasm.However, such an orgasm feels izdvadtsati only one of the fair sex.

Many ladies are able to experience orgasm lishklitoralny and only a few are experiencing vaginal satisfaction.

is believed that the sense of orgasm privaginalnom brighter than the clitoral.However, sexologists say chtokachestvo one and the other an orgasm the same.

difference that is felt mnogimizhenschinami, is only a psychological perception.

According to the majority of sexologists, the only way to get an orgasm in women are training.

Kegel exercises izluchshih recognized as one way to develop teaching orgasm.These exercises include neskolkochastey:

slow compression
necessary to strain muscles so kakbudto want to stop urination.Then you slowly count dopyati and relax.Then, holding the muscles need to hold them in etompolozhenii 30 seconds.Then slowly relax.

necessary to hold a little muscle iuderzhivat them in this state for 10 seconds.Then hold stronger.Nuzhnozazhimat muscles in stages up to 10 times.Relaxes the muscles should be on such zheprintsipu.


necessary strain and quickly rasslabitmyshtsy.

Try tighter as the time of delivery.This exercise is not only annoying perineal muscles but ibryushnye.In addition comes a feeling of tension, relaxing the anus.

Begin training with 10-15szhaty, cuts and eject.Every ten days, add to each of neskolkouprazhneny as long as they will be on 40. Engage reduction myshtsmozhno with a partner or herself.

samoevazhnoe But remember that if you did not manage to enjoy vaginal orgazmom- is no reason to be upset.After klitarny orgasm pushes seksualnyhpartnёrov to unimaginable ingenuity and imagination in the weasel.

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