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On the dangers of sexual abstinence

problem otsutstviyapolovyh relations can overtake each.Perhaps this is due to problemamiv personal life, psychological problems related to the relationship sprotivopolozhnym floor, problems at work, etc.The reasons may be many, noyasno one - long sexual abstinence will be consequences for vashegozdorovya.Prolonged abstinence may cause irritability, unwarranted aggression and other psychological problems.

In our modern obschestveobychno not to talk about the problems in sexual life.Your loved ones are not budutznat about your problems, and help yourself can you alone if you are, of course, is not an enemy to your health.

reasons for abstinence

Abstinence is dvuhtipov: involuntary and voluntary.Both tipapredstavlyayut are one and the same process, both men and women associated with the underutilization of their bodies and non-associated thoughts sseksom.

Immediately after kakchelovek refuses to have sex, he feels some relief and oschuschenievnutrenney harmony, but after a while there is an

increased polovoevlechenie and causing a surge of negative emotions.

Insignificant plyusomvynuzhdennogo abstinence is the understanding of man, that in this situatsiiizmenit nothing can and can not be otherwise.It supports psyche chelovekav operational and rescues from depression and other psihologicheskihrasstroystv.

Voluntary vozderzhanieyavlyaetsya violence against the body.The point is that the body regularly produces hormones seed opredelennomkolichestve, but these products are not used and are accumulated in the body.After a while, hormones accumulated vorganizme, will change it to the new conditions.

Our organizmuneponyaten meaning of sexual abstinence.In this regard, he begins to fight donated problem.A person may appear a split personality when egosoznanie divided into two parts, each of which will defend svoyupravotu.Probably, it is not necessary to explain that in this situation of affairs, your zhiznbudet develop differently than you would have liked and posledstviyadobrovolnogo refusal of sex can be unpredictable.

Opinion scientists

Opinions scientists povoduotkaza sex divided.Some believe that it is undeniably useful, since, in their opinion, there is a saving of resources in the body.Others believe chtoeto harmful because sexual abstinence has negativnoevozdeystvie, both physical and on the psychological health of the person.

How otlichitvozderzhanie interruption of sexual activity?For example, some lyudyamtrudno live one night without sex, and the other only one time per week.Sovremennayameditsina can not give an unambiguous answer to the question, how much time dolzhnoprodolzhatsya abstinence to it was considered lengthy.In addition, there is not even consensus, on how to chemuprivodit sexual abstinence for several months or years.Determine the difference between abstinence ivremennym break is quite difficult, because it depends on the level polovoyaktivnosti (libido).In some people, this lower level, while others higher.

Abstinence chrezvychaynovredno for men with prostate affected, which is proven meditsinskimfaktom.Prostatitis can be cured with antibiotics and frequent ejaculations.Vrachiutverzhdayut that ejaculation is an effective tool in the treatment of prostatitis, because the prostate is constantly cleaned.

In the life of every zhenschinyvoznikayut periods without sex, but unlike men, zhenschinseksualnoe for abstinence is much more dangerous.Some women try to pereklyuchitsvoe attention to other things, and some masturbate.In tomsluchae if the girl in the prime of life, lacks in sex, it mozhetpovlech to irreversible physiological changes.

human body in the state itself to determine what he needs at any given moment and if onzabiraet a lot of resources on the road to recovery from illness, seksualnogovlecheniya in this period will not be.But if you have the opportunity and desire for sex, tosoznatelny waived likely to do much harm.Sexual vozderzhanievlechet for a modification of the person and say in this case about a libopolze impossible.

The results of the above it

  1. Men seksualnoevozderzhanie - this is not the saving of resources and the accumulation of sexual forces avremennaya impotence.Once the body can not turn on libido and impotence then poyavitsyapostoyannaya.
  2. If you interrupt praktikuseksa for a short time, the experience of have sex with a partner is not tolkoustareet but also partial loss.Abstinence breaks ifizicheskoe mental health.
  3. Everyone imeetsvoy level of need for sex.So one has to deal with seksomstolko as he wishes.If there is a possibility and desire for sex, then you should never indulge in it.
  4. Seksualnoevozderzhanie can be dangerous for the health of men in certain diseases.Conversely, ejaculation is a good means to treat prostatitis.