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Why do people watch pornography?


According to researchers 30% of the information contained vinternete - pornographic haraktera.Pri about 40% of users setiposeschayut such sites and they are 15 minutes longer than tipichnyhnovostnyh sites.So, on the second popopulyarnosti porn site on a daily basis can be seen about 100 million stranits.Poskolku these data were collected in 2005, we can only guess how many times have increased the numbers of poslednie7 years.It is unlikely that someone under force budetpritormozit or reduce the development of the porn industry.Huge korporatsiizarabatyvayut her about 12 milliardovdollarov annually.

interesting that every third visitor to porn sites - a woman.Issledovaniepokazalo that in the United States and several European countries 96% of pollees inogdaposeschayut porn sites.67% visit them at least once a month.

This article will discuss the reasons why people watch porn.Poll lovely polovinychelovechestva allowed to identify 8 key reasons obyasnyayuschihzainteresovann

ost some women in pornography.

desire to meet the demand for sex without a man

As we know, sexual neudovletvorennostploho affect the general condition of the woman.It leads to diseases, neuroses worsening mood.Sometimes women VTAK able to get a little much a threat to society.What can we do to avoid this?

StoronnikiFreyda offer to redirect their energy into work or a nibuddrugoe occupation.But not all have a talent for drawing, embroidery, etc.of News and like to do it.This is especially true of people who have no osobyhuvlecheny.Therefore, looking at these videos, they give way zastoyavsheysyaseksualnoy energy and time to relax.

configured before Highlights

To tune in to a special event, some of the girls, too, browsing porn.Whether it's a date, dinner with her husband or hiking club with opredelennoytselyu, this video helps them release tension before the upcoming "event".

Ability to learn new poses
Nekotoryeispolzuyut pornography as a guide, as a guideline for seksualnogoobrazovaniya.Viewed later material can be used in pairs vrealnoy sex life.

not experienced vetoy Marchmont can learn for a lot of new information and nachalaoznakomitsya it at least theoretically.Later, in a real situation of fishing girl would feel so uncomfortable, and avoid unnecessary movements.

Implementation fantasies

Girls Missed some of his sexual desires because of shyness or lack of opportunity at the moment, prefer to take a look at how others do it.

To add spice to the relationship

Nekotoryesupruzheskie couples have resorted to watching porn clips to get novyeemotsii.During long-term relationship sex life can become boring, iprosmatrivaya these videos, spouses receive a new dose of excitement that vnositnekotoroe variety in their sex life.

show their sexual deviations or kompensirovatih dissatisfaction

lyudistradayut Some of the different kinds of sexual deviations.For example, there takieotkloneniya as the desire to spy on other people's sexual intercourse or touching kchuzhim genitals under clothes.How would society be not blasphemed takihdeviatsy manifestation, they will still continue to exist.If the person kotoryyimeet rejection of a sexual nature, also is married, he can be a big problem in the relationship.In izbezhanienegativnyh consequences of sexual deviations such people watching porn clips give vent to his sexual energy.

In addition, each estkakoy a percentage deviation.Someone more, someone less.

instituted before sex

Nekotoryepary who do not have sexual problems with viewing video porn to come to the desired state, that is excited.Also oniispolzuyutsya it as a background for sex that for a long time sohranyaetsostoyanie excitement.

Get the aesthetic pleasure

Like men, women can watch porn rolikiprosto because for them it's beautiful iinteresno.Some porn movies have a thoughtful script and taken enough quality compared smnogimi not particularly different from other rollers, laid out in a network.

many experts surprised by the fact that watching porn nekotoryezhenschiny solely for his own pleasure.Spetsialistpo sex education, Dr. Logan Levkof, on the contrary, says obessmyslennosti idea that porn exists only for men and zhenschinameto just can not please.According to him, many of these zhenschinydeystvitelno interested and discuss with each other their seksualnyezhelaniya.

reasons for which women and men visit pornographic sites, may be different.All individually.People who prefer takoevremyapreprovozhdeniya not necessarily perverts extreme as to podumaliyarye opponents of pornography.Such people do not get the approval of the majority idazhe considered dangerous to society.But far more dangerous are of particular spodavlennymi sexual desires.

If you are among those who visit podobnyesayty, you should stick to the golden mean.Do not rush in kraynosti.Nikogda not compare your partner with actor of porn video.It mozhetuschemit his ego and lead to a quarrel.Moreover, it is not necessary to replace them your sex life.

This article does not incline you to watching porn, but does not discourage.You tolkopredostavlyaetsya information that may help you find answers nanekotorye your concerns.Perhaps you will better understand their seksualnyezhelaniya.

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