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Harmful if long abstinence from sex

So try to look for the answers to a question that no doubt worries many: sexual abstinence as the impact on the health of men and women.However, even single words, concepts included in this issue, require a separate explanation.

Israeli researchers found that after 10 days of abstinence in a significant proportion of men who participated in the experiment has worsened the quality of sperm, although their number has increased.

persistent reduction in sexual desire is one of the clinical symptoms of depression.
Men with strong sexual constitution abstinence difficult to bear, but quickly recovered after than those with the constitution weak.In any case, the resumption of sex life after a long break from both partners requires a special sensitivity and patience.

Long of Hong Kong celebrated its 107 birthday, he believes that his longevity may be due to long-term abstinence from sex.
German skier Ronny Ackermann, who won the "silver" at the Olympics in Salt Lake City, also links the results with long-term
abstinence.Many experts believe that men should refrain from sex before competition, and women, on the contrary, violent sex life helps to break records.However, this theory is and opponents.
For several years in American schools taught the subject "Sexual abstinence" to reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies.The paradox is that this subject was introduced under President Bill Clinton - the hero of the world's sex scandal.

abstinence - is how much?
answer to this question is actually not so easy, because:
temperament and sexual constitution all people are different, so for someone to a week without sex becomes a serious challenge, and some easy to do without it for a fewmonths.
In addition, the important role played by the fact, for what reasons a person took respite sexy and she delivers it mental or physical discomfort, it takes place against the backdrop of a lack of desire or vice versa - it is necessary to suppress them.
So set time periods when respite is converted to abstinence, experts are not ready yet.However, they believe that the lack of sex does not go to the body without a trace.Sexopathologists conventionally divided period without sex for two phases:
1. Accompanied by erotic dreams and sexual desire;
2.Spokoynaya when begins a gradual extinction / sublimation of libido, and return it is not always easy.

What happens in men?
Men who for one reason or another have no sex at a young age, although it may feel uncomfortable, but serious harm, as a rule, it does not bring them, and they have a chance to easily go back to the intimate pleasures.However, in adulthood forced abstinence imposes a serious mark on men's health - a return to sexual life, especially after a long break can be difficult, amid the prolonged absence of sex is quite likely different problems with potency.And the older the man, the more serious are the problems: in 40 years, no regular sex is fraught with premature ejaculation and stagnant prostatitis, after 50 this can be added even complete impotence, because the age-related decline of sexual desire is superimposed on the extinction of libido from abstinence.

What happens to women?
forced abstinence affects the psycho-emotional sphere, and women often leads to neurotic reactions.What is the reason: a lack of sex or the fact that a woman feels useless - is unknown.Scientists believe that the strife is the so-called "old maids", firstly, exaggerated, and secondly, is not related to their lifelong abstinence, because the lack of sex for them is natural and is not perceived as a loss.It is logical to assume that this particular character and caused their female loneliness.Physical suffering and abstinence does not cause young women whose sexuality is in its infancy.But with age are sexually mature woman becomes more difficult to come to terms with the lack of sexual satisfaction.But much here again depends on the temperament.
harmonious sexual relationship - a natural and no doubt, a great part of everyone's life and also a great exercise for all body systems.Therefore, to give up sex, of course, not worth it.Sex in your life to be as much as you want - is the undisputed postulate which supports a wide variety of medical trends, schools and styles.

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