Relations // Sex

Classic sex poses, but with the "spark"

«missionary," but lying on its side

convenient to lie on your back, knees to his chest tighten, fold the foot vmeste.Vash beloved let him stand on his knees and go down in you.At the same time it should takoperetsya on hand to you when it was convenient.Then slowly turn around, almost lying on its side.Etapozitsiya ensures maximum intimacy.When you rotate, nayditetakuyu position in which you feel that favorite penis touches to naiboleechuvstvitelnogo place in the vagina.So you reach a stronger orgazma.Pust your beloved is a delicate - tell him about it.

Browsing, but in the strong arms of a partner

sit comfortably next to each other on the carpeted floor in the bed.Hug your man feet, slightly crouching down on his nego.Poprosite not straighten and bend the legs.Let slightly lift the knees planted them apart.So get much deeper penetration and priyatnee.Polozhite hands on his shoulders.Let your partner support for the priest, helping vamdvigatsya.

«Rider", but sit out squatting

Let partner lie on your back and gently push the legs and you sit squat.That in this case not to lose his balance, you can derzhatlyubimogo hips or lean on the palms of his torso.Then medlennopripodnimayte and lower the pelvis, allowing members to enter into you and out.Dlyaraznoobraziya can for a few seconds to rise as high as possible to you was only the head of the penis.Hold this position, silnoszhimaya vaginal muscles.Then relax them and continue making love vobychnom pace.

Play a girl cowboy.The beginning may pose posluzhitklassichesky option "rider."It fits comfortably on your back, and you're sitting on top napartnere hugging his torso legs, knees resting on either side otbeder partner.Then gently lift, put the foot on the bed ipovernites the partner back.Favorite may touch your thighs, nezhnopoglazhivaya your back and neck.

Lying on his stomach, but slightly hanging off the bed

you comfortably lie on your stomach, but your head and shoulders while svisayuts edge of the bed.You can build your palms on the floor.Extend the legs, ass slegkapripodnimite.Beloved, let him lie down between your legs and lift the torso nadvashey back.

the side, but with the knees pulled up to his chest

Lying on his side, move your body weight on the hip and shoulder.Golovupodoprite hand.Lying on the bed need to straighten the leg, and your muzhchinapust sit down on it.The other leg bend at the knee and tighten the breast, beloved and let him put his hand under it and lift the leg, so that was emuudobno enter into you as deeply as possible.

In this position, your partner comfortable touch grudi.Poprosite it to you caressed his chest, doing erotic massage.

back, but moving his hips

We need to kneel down and lean on the palm so chtobyokazatsya on all fours.Beloved, let him stand on his knees behind you.Soedinitenogi and stick one between the legs apart partner.Strongly popunazad puffed out, and the body while leaning forward.The partner can support you akkuratnoza thigh.This position is very exciting enough - for you and for vashegomuzhchiny.When the partner's penis will move inside you, pokachivaytebedrami slightly to the left and the right.This will enhance your experience.

can lean on the forearm and hand caressing klitor.Takim way you ensure yourself additional pleasure.A mozhetepoprosit loved that he caressed your clitoris and labia.