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Sex and the problems of men

guy is going through, it you do not first.

He should definitely know all the details of your former relationships, even intimate, let men decide their problems on their own.

Your actions.Before you cry in front of him as a repentant Mary Magdalene, try to understand what causes it to behave.He is unsure of himself, to such an extent that even your ex sees as a rival.It seems that you compare it with the others and not in his favor, and he has problems with sex.He is afraid that you meet with him to forget his former and suffers from these imaginary problems.The main thing - not to indulge him, and in any case not to disclose details of communication, once saying that the topic for him - a taboo.

Your innocence.

You're so in love with him, she decided: he will be your first man.But the young man, it turns out, such a prospect is more frightening than happy.

Your actions.You will be the first time to make love and expect from a partner attention and delicacy.In this situation, he is afraid to dis

appoint you, this is one of the main problems with men in sex.Talk to him: Explain why you cheer on the move with it, once again say that you trust him.These conversations will help him relax.

Your activity.

in his head guys sitting stereotype: he - a hunter and he needs you to win.So when the woman takes the initiative in sex, young people can be frightened.He feels he has taken away the right to win.

Your actions.Be discreet.Let him take the lead.No need to rush predatory guy on the neck, because he may have problems in sex.While walking pretend that stumbled, he is sure to pick up and hug you.After that, you will just have to kiss, and ...


Watching erotic movies or photo shoot in glossy magazines, your boyfriend is sure walk the streets of a girl with perfect make-up and gorgeous forms, always ready to make love.When your man is faced with everyday life, it can happen quite a shock, and this will lead to problems in sex.

Your actions.Carefully take care of themselves: depilation, manicure, beautiful hair, skin.Small figure flaws are corrected with the help of yoga or belly dancing.But before you rush to cultivate because moody guy, think about whether you want to see next to a man fixated on magazine covers, and male problems?

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