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How to Kiss

The first thing you need to remember and know that the preservation of fresh breath.For after you woke up, you had a fresh breath, brush your teeth before going to bed.When the kiss should not be allocated a lot of saliva.To reduce the release of her drink of cold water.

as a girl to kiss with tongue :
  1. If you kiss the first time, try to be relaxed and try to feel the pleasure of a kiss.In no case do not hesitate.
  2. You should look for fresh breath.
  3. create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
  4. when you kiss a guy, you can stroke his hair and a light touch on the back stroke.
  5. pleasant whisper sweet words, it is very winds men.
  6. Relax your lips, they should not be stretched.
  7. During a kiss gently biting her lower lip partner.
To determine whether you are able to kiss, look at the face of your partner.If a person looks relaxed a little and he yells, then it is a pleasure your kiss.Well, if you see a pout, then you do not know the correct technique kiss.

You should feel your partner a kiss, Kiss not o
nly for pleasure.If you do not compress much kiss his lips and widely opens his mouth.Your man will show himself, as he likes to kiss.Watch out for his reaction.

Kissing your partner, do not forget to pay attention to the erogenous zones.Most of the men gets great pleasure from kissing in the neck and ear.Such kissing very winds and excite men.Try to experiment, do not be shy, practice and includes all of your imagination.Your man will long remember your hot and passionate kisses.

Over time you will learn how to kiss properly and get a lot of experience.And not one man can not resist after your unforgettable kiss with tongue.Do your best and let your imagination run wild in order that he just dizzy.

now cute girl you know how to kiss your partner.

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