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What you need to say in bed?

main rule, of course, is the emancipation of both partners during sex in bed.And in this case does not matter whether everything said in bed, carry a certain meaning or not, as to the action to approve or partner to express his feelings enough to use short words or expressions such as "more", "umm ... "" Yes! ".Such statements perfectly audible not only sexual desire but also the love of a partner, pleasure and impatience, received from his caresses.

Next, you probably discuss and rather controversial definition - "obscenities" in bed.Reasons for satisfaction that the partners can get hearing during sex rudeness, were in the distant past.Hard life has forced people simply did not pay much attention to caress during sex.That is when men lived by the one and only principle come-see-won.They have not thought about what to say in bed, they were simply not up to it.It is for this reason a man during sex can not restrain from strong expressions that say with relish and passion, and can even be pleasant for w

omen.It is possible that both partners obscene language will cause an even greater surge of sexual desire, so to speak in the bed may be the fact that both partners enjoy.

And now we have, of course, remember the moans and cries during sexual contact.In this case, quite a significant factor is the proper response of neighbors.Throughout the rest of the partners will be able to do almost anything.By the way, not necessarily to during sex moans could be heard only by the partner's, then as a partner, bravely clutching lips be silent, as guerrillas during the interrogation.None of the partners is not obliged to limit themselves.Both women and men can do in bed all that they like to do, that is, to cry, to laugh, or just be silent.Take into account that while having sex with a regular partner is not, you will need to initially tell him about personal preferences.Otherwise, you can simply frighten him.And, probably, it will be the love of your life and your soul mate?You own behavior just spugnёte personal happiness ?!

And another rather complicated question, which concerns whether it is possible to reveal their own sexual desires, while using the speech and words, such as "I want you right now!".So, to say in bed such statements not only possible, but necessary.However, this should be done, of course, not the first day after they met.But in other cases, you may well be able to claim if you really want this.

Men should not forget that their obligatory question "You okay?" Must become a taboo for them once and for all.The guy has to see for himself whether a woman in bed with him satisfaction.Here is a woman, for example, may not understand the words uttered, like whether your partner in bed with her, and if he got pleasure from her actions.Therefore, men should strive for better!

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