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Why do women portray an orgasm

reasons for women's deception.

Women have many more reasons for cheating than men.The more that the outward signs of orgasm in women is not as obvious as in men.
especially women pretend to orgasm to avoid upsetting your partner.After all, most women quite insignificant reason to started it did not come to its logical conclusion, and all the efforts of men in vain.Tactful woman prefers to pretend that she was with him was good, not to heap reproaches.

Another reason why women represent an orgasm may be a lack of desire intimacy.But under the pressure of a woman inferior to men, and then pretending to finish it all, finally.The reason for this behavior may be a fatigue, the desire to sleep, or illness of a child, and many other reasons.

Another reason why some women prefer to deceive the elect - a conviction of inferiority.Many are afraid to hear the accusation of frigidity, if they will not have an orgasm.

Causes simulation in men.

Men as well as women who do not want to hurt his partner.None of
the men do not want to hear the accusation that he did not love enough, that he has a mistress.After all, lack of orgasm in men, for a woman is her personal unattractiveness.

Other causes may be a problem at work, which he can not remember even during intimacy.It may just be tired.For some, alcohol can act as a kind of anesthetic, and even a small dose of it will cause problems with ejaculation, that simply does not occur.But once started, it aims to complete the sexual act at the highest point, even by fraud.

Where fraud is disclosed.

should never rush into accusations of each other, if you suddenly doubted another orgasm.It is always better to find out the reason for such behavior of a partner, try to find out what gives the greatest pleasure and what affection is acceptable.The next time you can try to suggest another, or send a hand, indicating that you need.

If you know exactly what your partner is now a lot of work, instead of accusations can sympathize with its workload and try to relieve the tension and fatigue.Perhaps a light erotic massage helps a man to get to know the hidden reserves of the organism.Partner will you just be grateful for that and next time, instead of cheating probably recognized immediately that today are not able to please you.

And if you notice that problems with ejaculation occurs repeatedly, then you can gently ask, because of what is happening and advise go to the doctor the psychotherapist.

Is there any point in pretending.

Probably most have heard about affirmations: write some phrases that create a positive attitude and repeat them regularly.In the end, the subconscious is configured for execution of the program laid down in such a way and people get results.Some psychologists believe that the constant simulation in the absence of an orgasm can lead to the fact that he did come.Sexologists argue that deception misleads a partner who will not be able to understand what gives you pleasure.

But, as you may have guessed, you should always act according to the situation, because of the particular circumstances.

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