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Intimate map of the male body: little-known erogenous zones

Of course, the most traditional erogenous zonahznaet each of us, but we will tell you what to do if you zhelaetesovershenstvovatsya.

Neck requests affection

ladies like kissing sexy dimple located where it fastens the top button of his shirt, but praktikapokazyvaet that in this area there is a more interesting point.PredstaviteliDrevnego China believed that kissing a point several nizheadamovogo apple, able to excite anyone.We attribute this to the fact that is hidden under the skin etommeste thyroid.

Kiss his nipples

known how powerful vozbuzhdayuschegodeystviya can be achieved by kissing female nipples.But somehow the male soskimalo who pays attention.Experts recommend to try ostorozhnopoglazhivat language of dark circles around the nipple - areola, with neobhodimosovershat circular movements.Note that the start is far away and gradually decreasing radius.The peak of pleasure is necessary at the time, kogdavashi lips as close to the nipple and slightly to compress it.Syurprizomdly

a man can become a small piece of ice, which is right out your rtapopadet his body - a powerful aphrodisiac effect guaranteed!

Hugs not just lip

Another small snout, through pronizannyynervnymi endings - a place under the lower lip.You can initiate a man, slightly biting this place.

testicles and scrotum

scrotum and testicles are a moschneyshihmuzhskih erogenous zones, which give women undeservedly little attention is paid to vnimaniya.Osoboe narrow strips between the testicles, as the kotorayavyglyadit shovchik.To a man and got excited udovolstvietolko from one of your touch, you need to carefully pick up the testicles, naschupatpolosku between them and start stroking it tenderly.After a minute or two to accelerate mozhnopotihonku - believe me, your partner experience with anything nesravnimoeudovolstvie and gladly answer your affection.

from the crotch to the prostate

Men know how saturated nervnymiokonchaniyami such a narrow strip of skin as the perineum.But not kazhdyypozvolit woman caressing the intimate corner of my body.Rather, men are embarrassed of what is near the anus.All zhete who trusted favorite, get from her caresses untold pleasure, vedpod thin skin is prostate stimulation kotoroypozvolyaet achieve a bright orgasm.

particularly bold and liberated men to allow their ladies dipped her finger into the anus they are prepared for it ogromnoevoznagrazhdenie because direct prostate massage many times enhances orgasm.Last to achieve the desired effect, finger smeared with lubricant and vvodyatego anus.In order to stimulate predstatelnuyuzhelezu, just bend and unbend a little finger.

curb bridle

frenulum, despite its small size at umeloprovedennoy stimulation is able to deliver true man naslazhdeniya.Etot minute piece of the male body is so tender that responds to petting both hands and tongue.

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