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20 worst phrases bed

  • I liked, as did my ex-girlfriend.
  • Are you fancy yourself a porn star?
  • Honey, can you do it faster?I get up early tomorrow.
  • You okay?Are you sure?Exactly?
  • What is so strange smell?
  • And often you so you go to bed with unfamiliar men?
  • I have never had a woman.
  • You finished?No?And now?
  • Have you ever seen such healthy?
  • Would you like the gym.
  • On the other hand, you're right.Let's actually turn off the light.
  • I got there?
  • only quieter, my mother is very light sleeper!
  • Can I call you a bad word?It excites me.
  • Turn on, hut, to rehouse the woods ...
  • I thought you were a natural blonde ...
  • Do not you taking pills?
  • How do you say your name was?
  • Wait, I'll fetch the ax and rubber gloves.

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