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How to restore the passion in a relationship

Start with yourself.
The fact that my husband began to treat you to a cold, may be to blame, and it is.But if the spouse does not make any effort to rectify the situation, and you desire to change, someone still have to start.Relationship - is hard work, which is not always rewarded on merit.But do not lose hope.To start analyze what has changed in your intimate relationships, what problems do you see the reason why this could happen.Do not think: "everything bad", because surely there are good points - loyalty, regularity, or something else.Need just a passion, it we will try to return.

order to let into your life a breath of fresh air, it is necessary to get rid of clutter.A critical look at your bedroom: what it looks like - in place for lovemaking or warehouse of junk?No regrets get rid of anything that distracts from the main and prevents the desired mood.Old things, the box is not beautiful linens, vulgar paintings carry them to the garbage chute, and a TV, computer, and bright
lights - in the other room.Try to create an intimate romantic setting that creates the desired association.
then look at your wardrobe.What do you go to bed lately - in pajamas and socks, or in sexy lingerie?All the "old wives' shirts, pajamas waiting to be let in the closet - they come in handy many years later.Show yourself in seductive lingerie spouse or stay naked - it excites the most.
However, in an attempt to improve the situation, you should avoid vulgarity.Do not copy the interior and the outfits of porn, or husband may be afraid of sudden changes.

Passion Play.

Psychologists have long known that if long to imitate what is not, it will eventually become a reality.We are not here talking about orgasms - their appearance is unlikely to affect even the most successful imitation, but passion can come back, if you remember exactly all their thoughts, emotions and gestures that were during your honeymoon.Recreate the atmosphere that was before the time when your sex life has become boring.
Start with yourself - remember, what hairstyle you had at the beginning of your relationship, what style of dress you prefer, how behaved and what to say.Change your spirits - odors are men more efficient revealing clothes.Do not sit at home in the evenings - Get into the habit to go to visit, to restaurants and movies in his spare time with her husband.Let him be convinced that men pay attention to you, it works the hardest.Your man is satisfied that you are in demand, and want to return the lost position, and now he will have to prove.What is he worthy of you.But do not flirt in trying to cause jealousy, or reunion can be over trivial quarrel, which you take away from each other even more.

new solutions to old problems.
When passion goes, the best thing to do - is to abandon the usual stereotypes.Allow yourself something that is still not allowed.Let some experiments that do not conflict with your principles and I enjoy both.The new position, the situation in the end, a place for your intimate meetings can do wonders.But in the pursuit of novelty to be myself, let your favorite love just for you, not the individuals that you want to appear.

Any feelings and attitudes, like a roller coaster - up and down.Passion then calms down, then flares up again.If you're not willing to wait for a new round, and do not want to guess what will be the following changes, actions, then your love will be the same as in the first days of dating.