Relations // Sex

How to resist temptation

mechanisms influence

1. Oaths and promises (used all the way up to the promise of marriage, Meet the Parents).

2. The use of the word "love."Man Woman inclines to intimacy, telling her, "Show me your love, it will help strengthen our love, to flourish," etc.

3. Man convinces the need to check each other on sexual compatibility.Having close, it disappears.

4. The appeal to pity."Have pity on me, you do not care, and I will be fine, I'll stop suffer from sexual dissatisfaction."First of all, convince yourself that you - not all the same!

5. Threat "do not give - I'll find myself another."

6. Playing pride: "If you do not go for it, then you're not like everybody, old and dusty, crazy."

Ask yourself questions

meeting with a young man who is leaning strongly you to intimate relations, are asking you, the girls, these questions:

How he treats me?
far as he knows how to control himself?
what he knows and can do in the field of sexual relations?
not inclined to levity he and ho

w serious his intentions?
Is he says what he thinks?
tear he relationship with me if I say that is not ready for intimacy?
What will he do if I get pregnant?
What are the ways and means of protection, if I tell you, it will use and whether or not to use them at all?
Do I really want it, and if my own serious intentions towards him?
Do we understand each other well for us together just like that, without sex?

Learn to say "no»

If you can not answer these questions, then do not be afraid to say tverdnoe "no."Just "no" firmly and decisively, without hesitation or apology.

«I do not want, and that's enough to close was not."
«No, I hate it when I'm forced to do something."
«No, I do not feel ready for it."
«No, I'm terribly afraid."(Be prepared in this case for this kind of persuasion: "Do not be afraid, everything will be fine", "Let's drink to relax" or provocations like "Little," "Kindergarten - pants with straps»)
«No.And unless you are able to have sex with someone who does not want it? »
« No, you're my hurry, I do not know when I'm ready for this. "(Do not give in to provocations such as: "How can you expect, I'm tired, you do not love me»)
«No, I do not feel enough confidence to you."(In response, we are prepared for this reaction: "Oh, that's it! Well, then we're through." This may be a game in the hope that she will not stand and will agree. Do not be afraid to part with such a person).

«No, I believe it should wait until marriage to this."(In response, you can hear "You're like a child, you are old and dusty" "You have to check each other in bed»)
«No, I do not want to, and if you forced me to it, it will be violent."
«No.It seems that I myself to you completely indifferent. ""No, you're making me think that leave me if I do not."
«No, do not make me think badly of you."
«No, your actions convince me that I will not know much."

Learn to stand up for yourself and do not be fooled that this bounder proudly walked their tails are not further on the hearts of the young and naive girls!