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How long must continue to water treatment for a newborn

Recently, learning to swim infants from birth are very popular not only in our country but also in many other developed countries.Particularly useful for swimming earlier preterm weakened, immature children, as it allows these children quickly catch up and overtake their peers in development.

Also during the voyage can be simultaneously tempered the child's body.Water treatments for a newborn can be carried out in water at room temperature, which increases the resistance of their immunity to various diseases.

teach swimming newborn baby is not as difficult as you imagine, after your pipsqueak recently been in constant fluid - in the womb, so the influence of gravitational forces on him weakened.In water, it feels easy, because it becomes easier to aquatic 7-8 times.It is free, it wants to move the arms and legs, that is increasingly familiar with the world.Absolutely, that kids with whom engaged in diving since birth, are ahead of their peers in development.

benefits of water treatment for the newbor

n is huge - on his body, there is some pressure, which improves blood circulation, promotes the development of the lungs.While in the water, the child breathes all light, which means that all parts of the lungs are enriched with oxygen, and therefore, they will not breed a variety of pathogens.Then your baby will be resistant to diseases of the respiratory system.With the help of a good lung function, all tissues and systems of the body of the newborn receive more oxygen, and thus begin to work actively all metabolic processes.

also hydrotherapy massage the body of the child, which is conducive to the development of the nervous system.Exercises in the water train the heart muscle, respiratory and digestive systems.

Learning to swim from birth teaches baby to not be afraid of water since childhood.

When can I start swimming lessons and for how long water treatment should continue for a newborn baby?After receiving permission pediatrician for swimming lessons, you can start teaching toddlers with 2-3nedelnogo age.Employment conditions change sequentially load for the baby also increase gradually.Before you teach your baby to swim, you should familiarize yourself with the necessary literature.

Do not think that your crumb will float from the third class on their own.No matter how you want to see the fruits of their labors, you should be patient.If you scare the kid in class, he may be afraid of water for life.Remember the important thing is that the water treatment for the newborn and swimming - are actions aimed at improving the health of the crumbs.

In the first year of life your baby has to learn how to stay on the water for 30 minutes, diving to a small depth, to get to the bottom of the bath toys.And every class swimming should bring the baby joy, pleasure.You have to praise and encourage his crumbs.Do not scold him in the classroom or rushed.

When swimming lessons is to monitor the state of the baby as fatigue or hypothermia may be harmful to their health, as well as unwillingness to continue swimming.

How long must continue to water treatment?The first lesson should be no longer than 15 minutes.Gradually, you will increase the classroom.By the end of the first year of a child's life will continue to exercise 50-60 minutes.

Combine hydrotherapy with hardening to increase the body's resistance to external influences the child's environment.Hardening promotes good, early mental and physical development of the child.

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