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Select a sport for the active child

If the attendance at your child in a good mood, he willingly talks about his successes and became a little quieter in terms of motor activity, so your choice was correct.

choose sport for the active child should be given its individual characteristics.It often happens that active children quickly addicted than ever, and then just as quickly grow cold to a new occupation.When a child is naughty, you should understand why he does not want to go to class.Maybe you should be firm, and maybe a child gets tired or do not have sufficient physical ability to engage in a particular section.Children are very important to feel that they are not worse than others, so if your child is unable to cope with the load, weaker and more clumsy than other children, it makes sense to transfer it to another location.

Sport children may already starting with 4-5 years of age.They can be given to the arts, sports dancing, swimming.After all, the future Olympic champions come into the sport at this age!However, if you do not wan

t to raise a child of the athlete, it is more appropriate not DSYUSH or school of Olympic reserve, and a simple sports club district or section.

So, what should be guided to choose a sport for an active child?

If a child is sociable, an excellent option is football or similar kinds of team sports.During classes in sports such child develops physical stamina, breath.Make sure only that he did not sit on the bench.

Fighting develop a child's self-confidence is often given to a child to engage in self-defense martial arts.Catching combative, aggressive child will understand that there are people who are stronger than him.It will not be once again climb into the fray.Regular practice of martial arts develop moral character.Martial Arts - one of the cheapest sports to send their children to engage in the arts section can not afford even a family of modest means.

These types of martial arts like aikido and martial arts combine elements of wrestling and gymnastics.They are suitable for those who are afraid of possible injuries.Many of the exercises of the martial arts have curative value.Aikido perfectly develops coordination, sense of balance.Unlike other martial arts, Aikido teaches to treat an opponent with respect, avoid to cause injury and pain unnecessarily.

Golfing suitable not only for the active child, but also for the shy.Loads that during the voyage experiencing respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, is very useful for its development.Good to go swimming during rehabilitation after fracture in diseases of the spine.Great feel in the water children with reduced mobility.Swimming calms the nervous system and is developing muscles.However, if you want the child was a beautiful figure, a serious swimming lessons are best left to the boys.Girls should choose gymnastics.

girls really like to engage in ballroom dancing.Dancing develop good posture, flexibility, a sense of rhythm.Dancers learn to be sensitive to the mood of the dance partner, and subsequently to the mood of loved ones.It is interesting to dance, and some of the boys.If you have a creative child, who also loves to compete, dare to give it to the dance.

If a child is difficult given the discipline, it is possible to do gymnastics.Jumping on a trampoline, exercise ball and other fitness equipment is very diverse.In some programs, no occupation is not like another, and the child will never be bored.

Talk with your child before you choose a sport for him.Maybe it will be interesting to attend classes with a friend, maybe he wants to make new friends.Whichever sport you would choose for his child, remember that they need to engage in a systematic way.At least twice a week.Otherwise, the exercise will not benefit, the child will be more tired every time the results will be worse than his comrades.In some clubs there are breaks for summer vacation.At this time, you can send a child to another sport.Diversity in this case less harm than long breaks.