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On what can not save condoms?

The main problem is the wrong ispolzovanieprezervativa or misunderstanding of the purposes for which it was intended.For example, such a nasty disease, like syphilis in place proniknoveniyainfektsii the body leaves ugly red mark.Yes, bolshinstvesluchaev this label is located on the mucous membranes of the outer polovyhorganov, but often there is an ulcer at the site of exposure, respectively, it can appear anywhere on the genitals, so igubah, the cheeks, the skin of the hands or feet.It is obvious that the condom sposobenzaschitit only a small part of the body on which it is worn.

not deliver less trouble and genital herpes, which is often based on the cervix and vagina, as well as golovkepolovogo member.During acute illness skin lesion at the site swells, and shows the small bubbles that burst and incredibly itchy.Novysypaniya may appear pubic labia, scrotum, so chtoispolzovanie condom during sex does not give any guarantee that zarazane penetrate into the body of the new owner.

But herpes simplex it is easily transmitted by the carrier cherezoralny contact.That is why as a blowjob and cunnilingus can not nazvatbezopasnym pastime.

Genital warts (genital warts) usually vyyavlyayutsyau those sexually active women and men who are not too schepetilnootnosyatsya to hygiene.In addition, if a person have not recovered STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, the probability of infection kondilomoyvozrastaet repeatedly.Location dislocation warts - small labia, vagina, anus.So much for women.In predstaviteleysilnogo sex genital warts mostly affect penis, the inner part of the foreskin, frenulum.Often there are situations kogdaborodavki found in the anus, urethra.

no less dangerous disease and is considered kontagioznyymollyusk, which is formed on the site of the virus is in the body.Etomozhet be almost any area of ​​the skin on the face, abdomen, outer polovyhorganah.In short, any place unprotected condom can poyavitsyasyp, which is white or light pink nodules with pressure means sessions released their contents.The size of the nodules may vary otmillimetra to 3-5 millimeters, and sometimes more.

If a person is a carrier of the disease, kakmyagky chancre, it can infect your partner.On-site implementation in organizmstreptobatsilly appears bright red spot in the center lokalizovanpuzyrek.After a while on the ground there is a small bubble plague that grow and merge with neighboring and they, in turn, obrazuyutshankr, the bottom of which is covered with pus.After a few weeks (no more than 2 hmesyatsev) ulcer heals.

Despite the fact that prezervativne able to protect 100% of all diseases, yet the product sposobnosuschestvenno reduce the risk of some of the infections.For postoyannoeispolzovanie rubber products by 70% protection against infection with gonorrhea, and 83% of cases can prevent infection with chlamydia and trichomonas.Krometogo, the main argument in favor of the condom is vozmozhnostpredotvrascheniya unintended pregnancy.

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