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What percentage of women are able to experience multiple orgasms?

What percentage of women can have multiple orgasms.Definitely we can say that the percentage is not so great.Female orgasm - is rhythmic and gradually weaken the uterine muscle spasms.Muscle contraction lasts no more than three seconds.Although there are women who have a spasm and lasts sixty seconds, but it is a very low percentage of women.

Orgasm in women is of three kinds: vaginal, clitoral and non-genital.The first two types of orgasm clear to any woman, the third requires little explanation.To experience this type of orgasm is capable of one in ten women.To test this lack of orgasm a woman passionate kisses, or just look lover.

The nature of women is also a multiple orgasm.It Abraham in the workplace: an orgasm after orgasm, throughout intercourse.In such capable seventeen percent of the female population.

To receive regular orgasm, women have:

-optimal androgen levels;

  • nervous system in good shape;

  • perineal muscles should be stretched at the time of coitus;

  • woman should have good experience in masturbation;

  • extrovert personality;

  • sensual connection with your partner.

In the world there is even a champion in multiple orgasms, she became a US citizen.It could be up to 134 orgasms per hour.

to achieve orgasm, a woman is a man needs to hear with their ears, but do not just talk, and hissing sounds.The more sizzling sounds will tell you partner, the highest shalt have an orgasm.

Orgasm during pregnancy is very beneficial for the baby.Mom at that moment full of endorphins, which are part of the baby gets into the blood.The contractions during orgasm, prepare the child for generic struggles.

With vigorous nipple stimulation all at once bored affect the uterus, and uterine cramps orgazmirovat cause chest in erection.At the moment of orgasm can be applied to the female breast pieces of ice, this further enhance orgasm.

just a few seconds to orgasm nipples swell and grow.The vagina is reduced by about 1 second after getting an orgasm, and the uterus - after 3 seconds.Some women may be reduced and other parts of the body.

For vaginal orgasm is not only responsible "manhood", but also your muscles at the bottom of the vagina.Women who want to get a vaginal orgasm, it is recommended to train this muscle.You just need to stretch much, and then relax the muscles of the vagina.

If you still have not learned how to get an orgasm, try to explore the own body and find your erogenous zones.When you get from myself an orgasm, you can feel free to send a partner in those places that you can bring orgasm.And then your problems dissatisfaction will pass by itself.But if your partner in bed thinking only of themselves, not wanting to give pleasure to you, throw it, because happiness is to have an orgasm, can not be replaced by anything.

female orgasm also depends on psychological factors.May interfere in obtaining pleasure: distrust of the partner, fear of pregnancy, the wild passion for the partner, too overstated or too low self-esteem, various problems, fatigue, apathy.But if there is love in a relationship, you do not feel it should not interfere with voluptuous feeling - the orgasm!