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The intimate life of a woman

And then you finally, completely exhausted, remember his beloved and descend so far as to give him a little of your precious time.And then, finally, you look at him, hoping to see towards you the long-awaited and adorable look of unbridled passion and unearthly desire towards you.And suddenly, looking at your favorite, you are surprised to find that the only desire that experiencing the source of your passion - a desire immediately, this minute ... to sleep and nothing else!And what then is the intimate life of a woman?

How to stop this powerful avalanche called "modern pace of life"?After all, when in the morning, without losing even a charge of enthusiasm to get on as "beloved and favorite" work, and there is need to work "wear" in the name of a ghostly bright future, absolutely no regard for you as a person and squeeze "all the juice"and, coming home, collect pieces of spiritual forces, still in an unequal struggle called "life", then, in spite of such a bleak situation, at heart still has a desir

e to change everything for the better, to finally beginlive a full life, including intimate!

short on triangles.

One of the conclusions that there is a similar situation, pronounced roughly as follows: "We spend too much time together and already rather tired of each other.We need an unusual, exciting and disturbing soul senses to feel the fullness of life, to make life more intimate. "And these feelings are very fast, but they are not sought by finding internal problems with only one partner and loved ones, and in a new relationship with another person and a complete stranger.And, most interestingly, for some reason on a new partner is always enough power and the time and desire.But from time to time, making it difficult to enjoy life, the question arises: "And how long will all this?".

And then, suddenly, you suddenly covers a wave of doubt and anguish about the reasonableness of what is happening, there is a sense of desire and the inability to manage "everywhere at once".And in the most inopportune moment, you were surprised to suddenly find that your limitless, seemingly forces begin to dry out very quickly, your intimate life fades.

In this case, there is a remarkable and instructive parable about a man who, after he twisted the ram's horn, came to the sage to help him.

Sage listened carefully to all the details of this unusual story happened to a man, suddenly he said: "You just need to have a cow."The man apparently did not expect such a strange council, began to ask questions to the sage, and again began to talk in detail about their anguish, thinking that the sage did not understand what was going on.However, the sage continued to insist that a man has got a cow.Well, the man had nothing to do, how to listen to sage advice and make a cow.Now, having got the animal, the man calmed down, thinking that now solved all their problems, and intimate life of a woman he does not care.

But there it was!Soon after the cow, the man began to suffer even more.He was restless and thought only about how to get rid of the unnecessary him a cow.And now, driven to exhaustion, the man barely reached the sage, and again began to complain about him turned into hell their lives.Sage again listened carefully to the person and making a significant pause, he said: "You want to get rid of the problem - to sell their cow."The man thanked the sage and went home.After thinking for a while, the man decided to follow this advice and sage and get rid of so hated the cow.And by selling the animal, the man suddenly discovered that he was much happier, he suddenly got a lot of free time and he was surprised to find that he was simply nothing to worry about!Life has become better, safer and more fun!

And if somebody after reading this eye-opening stories have any reasonable inferences and useful conclusions are ripe, then it is not written in vain.And someone who, for whatever reason, do not reflect on the meaning of this parable, perhaps, should reflect in another way.For example,

Regarding the romance in the intimate life of a woman.

Probably, most people already have at least a vague idea of ​​romance, as some intangible and magical feeling.It seems that the only long enough respects it more desirable than existing in reality the phenomenon, it is believed that the intimate life of a mature woman is deprived of this moment.To create a material form such easily escapes from the relationship feels like a sense of romance relationships, you need to connect all available human fantasy and imagination.Although, maybe it will not be enough and will need to create a special intimate atmosphere, permeated by a halo of mystery and idleness, while sex life will be more colorful.

Already there is no doubt true that there are young people who are very passionate about their own "important" issues and affairs.And when they come home and watch some or all of the above phenomena, they can not understand and conclude what is really going on.And then, suddenly, they appear in an instant the idea that maybe they are not waiting for?Such people need to prepare in advance.In this case, can help both translucent hints and talk directly "plain text."But the main thing in this case - to intrigue and excite interest in this or that situation.

Many in search of romance in private life, are a variety of scenarios, such as ordering a table in a restaurant, he departed for the city, or inviting their "half" to watch a romantic movie.In principle, there is much to come up with, you only need to assess their financial situation and, if possible, to anticipate the possible reaction of his partner on a variety of intimate life.
One of my friends told me about a recent romantic evening in his family life.Shortly after her husband returned from work, he found a note near the entrance that he urgently needed to go to the kitchen.Upon entering the kitchen, my husband was pleasantly surprised to find a beautifully decorated table.But then his gaze fell again on another message, which is strongly needed to go into the bedroom.Then the husband of my friend found more and more notes and then went to the balcony, in the hallway, he even sometimes wanted to look under the couch!

finally grown weak from the desire to find a prepared "surprise", the husband of my friend finally found the culprit in the bathroom so exhausting and a long search - his wife.Later, of course, the husband expressed his wishes for a shorter route to his "dream."But despite this, the husband of this lady was delighted and pleasantly surprised so rich imagination of his beloved.Thus, the intimate life of this woman has become more diverse.

About spontaneity

quite certain that the strategy and tactics - it's a good thing, but we must not forget that there are more interesting and exciting experience - presentation.As a consequence of the enthusiasm and boundless imagination, it can work wonders.In that case, if you are busy with chores, and her lover meet only at presentations, in restaurants, all kinds of parties, then, if you wish, you can use the tips.But do not wait for better times.Because when you, after all the entertainment activities in the evening, tired and exhausted, back, finally home, you will not have to lovemaking.Intimate life of the woman in this case will be more scarce.
very thrilling and exciting is the idea to merge in ecstasy in a secluded corner is not a presentation or party official.Ardent look, a smile barely noticeable movement beautiful eyes shrouded alluring "languishing" imperceptible touch under the table to cause a reaction, and that's already achieved reciprocity.And if you want, you can imagine that you hardly know, and you have only one dream - in whatever was to seduce a man's own dreams - is another option to make colorful love life zhenischy.And in fact, indeed, many such acts as a catalyst.

About intersecting lines.

Remember that you have your own way there, but your beloved as he is.Each of us builds his life on their own, without the help of others.

But how often will cross your path depends only on you.Maybe these are two parallel lines that never, under any circumstances, will not overlap, it can only be in a dream.And, perhaps, the two interlaced lines forming a fabulous and magical pattern.

can invent enough excuses about the fact that the work takes 24 hours a day, that home is completely exhausting.However, this is only your life and your decision.Try to gradually change it.Try to organize and plan his life so that to find time for joint trips and other interesting activities.It really find during the working day for half an hour to meet and exchange the latest news.You can just talk on the phone without touching the subject of cases and avoiding an exhausting analysis of the events.Let your voice is soft and gentle, who cares beckons and promises a lot.And then your man will be ready to drop everything to as soon as possible to return home to his beloved and make your love life unforgettable.Well, you just have to watch out for a good time to prepare for it all known to you.

However, in all this there is only one "but."Ideally, of course, deals with situations where the desire is mutual.But often it turns out that the coincidence of ideas about how to be both well-beloved, is not happening.It so happens that you just do not feel like, and then the mood changes at the partner, then intimate life is boring.It happens, and it is not necessary to do this tragedy and torment themselves with unnecessary doubts.You can try the option of seduction.Do not worry if you do not get - next time get lucky.Bad days happen to everyone.But you can not compel myself or partner - is a losing option, intimate life not benefit from it.Remember that you need to not only know when to say "no", but also to anticipate desires of their own beloved.The main thing - do not hurry, because life is long and you will have a lot more opportunities to realize all your secret desires and mutual aspirations.

Remember that, in speaking of love, you can not have in mind any coercion, as it is quite changeable magnitude and sometimes overtakes us unexpectedly.However, all hope to experience it.And for this it is necessary sometimes to trust the will of all the circumstances.Good luck to you!

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