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Sweet loss of virginity


Universal Tip: If you scared, then do not.Wait until the desire to become the dominant feeling.And fears Analyze:

A. Fear seem inexperienced. Actually, if you're 15-18 years old, the special "experience" and no one is waiting.On the contrary, knowing that she was innocent, a man will be more alert and careful.In a later age girls begin complexes seriously fear (often rightly) that their innocence will be accepted man as "unnecessary".Well, do not admit of anything!The most important thing in this case - the maximum stretch during courtship.Keep your sexual relationship to the petting (it allows any kisses and caresses, but without genital contact).This way you will have time to explore the details of his man to understand what gives him pleasure.It "learns" what excites you.And finally deciding to "go to bed", do not dwell on the "this", get familiar and pleasant petting.Then everything will be solved by itself: the instinct to work.And sweet loss of virginity is provided to you.

B. The fear of being abandoned. first girl is afraid that the guy throw it if you do not get what you want.Then - what to throw, because already everything I wanted, got.This well-founded fear.And if relations are built on it, it is best to stop them itself (let's better he will be thrown).

V. Fear of pain. talk about it below.

pain and blood.

itself fear can trigger pain.Girl internally "compressed", comes a spasm of the muscles - and that is what creates the pain during intercourse.To remove the spasms to relax the muscles and nerves are often recommended to get rid of virginity in a warm bath.Apparently, this advice is debited from some European textbooks.In a typical bath to have sex domestic production can only experienced lovers.Members also at risk of additional injury.How painful will deflowering (rupture of the hymen) depends on the partner.He must either be a great experience with you, or just a great experience: because man will not just "relax", but also how to bring a partner.Only then will take the sexual act "like clockwork."

Pose is not very important, but from a psychological point of view, the girl will be easier to be in a totally passive, "missionary" position (bottom, face-to-partner).

If after the first sexual intercourse pain persists for a long time (more than a week) if, within three days did not stop bleeding, you should contact your doctor.In any case, until the pain disappeared and spotting repeated sexual intercourse is not recommended.

Do not wait a week if the pain is severe or is accompanied by fever.Especially - if there was a pain in the abdomen.Even the first and most beloved person can be unscrupulous.Perhaps you have been infected.

Condoms and pills.

condom is the best protection against infection.Virgins shy condoms.The boys do not know how to put them on, but they are afraid to admit it.Girls from something, fear that condoms will prevent or break the hymen takes extra pain.

Everything is just the opposite!Condoms blunt the pain, because they are coated with a special lubricant that facilitates sliding.Deflowering they do not interfere, because the process is important not the condom, and sex organ, it robbed.

should exercise caution, even if both partners are innocent.Absolute confidence in each other eliminates the risk of catching infections that are transmitted sexually.But not protect against pregnancy.The best thing you can do in this case - to take combined hormonal contraceptives in advance.

Remember that the pill must choose a doctor!When you appoint agents who need to take the first day of menstruation, then after ten days you can say "yes" to the man.If the pills should be taken according to instructions from the fifth day, with "love" will have to wait about a month - until the next menstrual cycle.It is better to go through the entire course until the end, even if for the time you have left, and sexual intimacy has never been.If you interrupt the objective reasons appointment tablets, then just two or three days will begin an unscheduled periods.

If you have not had a fight, and just decided to postpone the "intimate encounter" even for a while - you can start the next contraceptive package in time for instructions.It is not harmful.

Harmful so-called post-coital or "fire" of contraception.And yet it is a lesser evil than abortion.These tablets (usually you can get them only with a doctor, is sold only in pharmacies "postinor") contain a very large dose of hormones and may even lead to ovarian dysfunction.

as fire contraception can be used conventional contraceptives as follows:

Take two tablets once Desmoulins, rigevidon or Trizistona.Or 4 pills Marvelon, Mersilon or Femoden.

After 12 hours, the same dose repeated.It must be done no later than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

Menstruation should start on time or a little earlier.In case of delay of at least 1 day, contact your doctor - perhaps the pregnancy still come.

regularly and reception mikrodozirovannyh contraceptives ensures almost 100% protection.

time to start.

In Soviet times, the age of sexual initiation was defined quite clearly: 18 years old can get married, that is, 18 you can start having sex.This figure is due not only moral, but also health factors.

Hymen - is an anatomical formation of the protective function.Millions of years women have been deflowering and, nevertheless, in the course of evolution plevatak not atrophied.It is foolish to assume that the nature of its stores only to the man wondered: "The first I or not the first?" The hymen is a natural barrier to infection at that time, not yet fully formed protective microflora in the vagina.In addition, the girls are very thin epithelium of vaginal walls.It can easily be injured by mechanical friction during intercourse.The consequences can lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the background that may arise and hormonal disorders, and adhesions of the internal organs, and even infertility.

Ironically, at the other extreme - too late onset of sexual activity - any catastrophic consequences has not.There are many cases when a woman loses her virginity at 27, 30, 36 years old, pregnant and give birth safely.Problems can arise due to the fact that the Virgin rarely visit a gynecologist without seeing the need.It is not right.Routine inspection is necessary to place at least once a year.