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The highest pleasure in sex, what is it?

want to live
magical product - aphrodisiacs (from the Greek. Aphrodisiacos - "love, passion enhancer") have long been known.In every part of the world has its own food "favorites."In China, the basis for the erotic cuisine always served seafood and spices.Ancient Egyptians favored garlic, increase blood circulation, including in the pelvic organs (although his pungent smell - an amateur).
In France there is a tradition: the couple before the wedding night sure to try at least three courses of asparagus.No romantic dinner is complete without the French this ancient culture, rich in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.
Slavic aphrodisiacs simple: onion, fennel, anise, honey, sour cream, eggs.

Hormones passion
accepted that aphrodisiacs are divided into male and female, but most of them are beneficial to both partners.It's all about vitamins - particularly A and E!They help our body to produce the necessary hormones, without which there is no full sex.Still need minerals - chromium, zinc

and boron, which energize and stimulate the production of sexual hormones.
potassium-rich bananas not only tune in a playful way, and will give love "hormone of passion."Sweet Mango - the ancient aphrodisiac, known to the Aztecs, who were convinced that this fruit increases sexual desire.
Another exotic - avocado, containing protein, high amounts of vitamins A and E, potassium, fatty acids, supports the reproductive system.Juicy melon adorn a romantic table and give not only great taste, but also useful substances that stimulate sexual appetite.Do not forget the citrus - oranges, tangerines, grapefruit give the desire and improve mood.
Artichoke excites the female sensuality, increases hemoglobin levels, which in turn helps to delivery of oxygen to the genitals.

And once again about it
Many gifts of the water element will help you both feel in the seventh heaven.The fact that they increase the level of the hormone serotonin.which is responsible for pleasure.The secret of seafood that they are both stimulants, which extends the love of the game.Add to the main course salad of seaweed (kelp), because this alga is rich in iodine, zinc, manganese and phytoestrogens that improve hormonal balance, helping to awaken the sensuality of any woman!

Honey, what to cook?
compilation of a list of products that enhance male potency, engaged nutritionists in California (USA).According to US experts, these goodies are able to act not only exciting for the stronger sex, but also to us women!
Mushrooms improve metabolism.They are combined with seafood enhance libido.Olive oil is added to all meals.Soften and enrich the taste, it makes food more desirable, but most importantly - useful, because vitamin E is essential for health.
Chicken eggs - available and affordable, perfectly stimulates the female sensuality, and increase sexual potency in men.
creating a culinary masterpiece, do not forget about the spices.After careful consideration of their "collection", be sure to supplement it with spices such as ginger, rosemary, cumin, curry, cloves - it's an aphrodisiac.
flavored honey - a real "food of the gods", which charges the love energy and improves health.Add it all sweetness, and you will wait for an unforgettable night!

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